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Located at 401 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132 the Bayside Marketplace is a two-story open air shopping center. It’s adjacent to the City of Miami marina and is one of the top attractions in the city. According to the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Bayside Marketplace is the number one attraction in the city. It offers an array of shopping and dining options, including international cuisine, designer fashion, and a wide variety of international brands. More info here

The Bayside Marketplace has more than 150 stores, each offering a unique and affordable product. Hair accessories include over 300 different styles of hair brushes. There are also cigars, hookahs, humidifiers, and pipes. There are even some places to buy formal wear and jewelry. The market is open daily from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. and on Friday and Saturday, until 11 p.m.

The Bayside Marketplace is a great place to visit if you want to explore Miami. The waterfront open-air mall features shops from around the world and an array of restaurants and cafes. Visitors can find everything from seafood and fruits to steaks and salads. Moreover, you can also get a cup of coffee or a tasty pastry at a counter. Depending on when you visit, the Bayside Marketplace may be crowded, so plan ahead if you plan to go during prime season.

The Bayside Marketplace is free to walk around. But you will need to pay to park your car. There’s no parking on the first floor. You can park your car in the adjacent garages. However, keep in mind that it gets crowded during the busy seasons. In addition, the Bayside Marketplace is open Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. On Friday and Saturday, the market is open until 11 p.m. The last two days of the week are closed. Also visit this page

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The Bayside Marketplace is a waterfront open-air mall that offers shopping, entertainment, and dining. The food court has international cuisine and offers a wide selection of delicious dishes. Guests can also enjoy a live music concert in the plaza. As a bonus, the waterfront location makes it a great place to spend the night. The area is located near Biscayne Boulevard and is close to the Miami Art District. For a fun evening, head to the marketplace.

In addition to being a popular destination for shopping, this marketplace is also a popular tourist destination in Miami. You can find everything you need in a shopping center, but it can be a dangerous place. An accident at the Bayside Marketplace can affect your life. Fortunately, the Bayside Marketplace is a great place to watch the sights and hear the sounds of the city. If you’re in the mood for a day out, you’ll love the vibrant atmosphere.

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