More and more, website promotion is moving away from just text and is moving towards text and video combinations. Videos allow you to present dynamic material to your audience, not just the static material available in text. They also speak to the huge number of people who respond better to audio-visual presentations than they do to text.

Until now, the market has not kept pace with the changing face of the internet.  A company that wanted to incorporate video into its marketing or advertising faced an uphill battle.  Traditional requests for video production services would involve a quote process, be time consuming, and subject the buyer to unanticipated or hidden costs at the end.  Bonomotion has changed the face of the modern video production company by offering quick, easy, affordable, guaranteed professional quality video services.

The best way to understand the full range of services offered by Bonomotion is to go to their portfolio and browse the hundreds of videos available in a ton of different categories:  animations, video resumes, music videos, medical videos, real estate videos, travel & leisure spots, demo reels, behind-the scenes, corporate videos, or standard commercial or entertainment videos.  Whether you are looking for video produced for websites, to air on television, or even for films, Bonomotion can produce a custom-video that meets your specifications and your budget requirements.   Not only are their prices competitive, but they are all-inclusive; the price you are quoted for a project is the price you will pay for a project, unless you make changes to the project and approve any resulting changes in cost.

Bonomotion also understands that when you make the commitment to use video in your marketing, you are looking for more than a video; you are looking for a brand.  Their experts can help you develop a video that will establish your brand or, if your current brand is strong, reinforce your current branding.  Not sure what your brand is?  Take advantage of Bonomotion’s offer image consulting services, which can help you establish a brand that fits your product and your market. Make sure to visit our wide variety of Video Production Services offered, or call 305-914-7030 to speak with our founders.