Frequently Asked Questions

These are some general questions we’re frequently asked. If you have something specific you’d like to discuss, simply contact us anytime.


how much do our videos cost?

We thought you’d never ask! Actually, it’s our most common question. The biggest thing to understand is that video production is scalabe. Meaning we can go as big or small as your vision and budget require.  

That’s why we created entry-level services, with affordable pricing for any business owner or marketer. These can be found here in our shop.  There you can find both custom videos made from scratch, as well as template-based videos if you’re on a tight budget.

For other projects where a detailed proposal may be needed, we suggest you contact us first – to help find the best solution available. Bonomotion is proud to offer great value for the quality of services offered. 

does bonomotion have production insurance?

Absolutely. Unlike a lot of freelancers you may find on craigslist or through a friend – Bonomotion Video Agency is fully licensed and insured to film on any hotel, commercial, private or public properties.  We carry $2 Million Dollar general aggregate coverage, and can issue a COI listing our client or filming location as “Additional Insured” upon request.  With enough time ahead of schedule, we also can pull film permits for different cities and areas in South Florida.

How long does the actual shoot take?

Depending on the complexity of the project, script and shooting schedule – each job is unique. However, the majority of videos we produce – can be filmed in either a half-day or full-day (up to 8hrs).  

How long will the process take from start to finish?

Once the video has been filmed; post-production editing, graphics, sound etc – can take between 5 – 14 business days. Rush editing available*

How many locations can be included in the video?

Multiple locations can be shot in a premium video, but only one location is included in our standard video packages. Filming locations in Miami/Dade county are included – for travel to Broward, Palm Beach or outside of South Florida – may incur small fees to cover time & expenses. 

What if the day for the shoot needs to be changed?

No problem, we understand that schedules change. You can reschedule your shoot up to 48-hours before the scheduled day, but please allow for a minimum of 5 business days to rebook the date – based on our availability.

how is music selected for my videos?

Due to rigorous legal implications and our quality assurance guarantee, we can not use ‘commercial songs or music’ for your videos. Especially if they are going to be used for marketing, online or broadcast.  We have several paid subscriptions to the best royalty-free music licensing directories – and will choose the best style song that matches your project.  During the video review process, you’ll get the opportunity to changes the tone and genre of the music selected if needed. 

What are the payment terms?

We offer 3 payment options:

• Option 1) For most production services under $2000 available in our shop – full payment is required up front to begin work.

• Option 2) 50% upfront, 50% when project is completed.

• Option 3) For project budgets over $5000, we offer financing with 0% interest over 6 months, through PayPal Credit.

BONOMOTION accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or Paypal. Business check or Bank Wire-Transfers preferred.

NOTE: Full payment must be recieved, before delivery can be made. 


Can we create something similar to one you've seen and like?

Yes, we can create your video using any animation style you’ve seen in other videos. Just send us links to your favorites, so we can do our best to match that look and feel.

Can we record a voice-over in any accent or LANguage?

Yes, you’ll be able to request from Male or Female voiceover artists in any accent or language.

How Long do animations take?

Most logo animations can get done in under 3 days. Our template-based videos take about 1 week to complete. Since the animation is already done, we just need to replace it with your text, images, logo, voiceover, etc.

Our custom explainer animations or white-board videos may take 3-5 weeks to create. A big factor in the timeframe is how quickly we can get an approved script and storyboard together, depending on the the number of revisions you require. Other factors include the length of the video, and the complexity of the animation style you choose. 

If there’s a specific deadline ahead – then please mention that in our initial conversations. 

What’s the difference between a custom and template-based video?

A custom video is done completely from scratch. The script, storyboard, illustrations, animation, etc. are all made specifically for you. And everything we create for you can always be revised until it’s exactly how you want it.

A template-based video is made from a pre-existing video. You can choose from dozens of different templates, and we’ll incorporate your text, images, logo, and voiceover. But no changes can be made to the animation, characters, movements, length of the video, or anything else.

What is the process like?

Process for a custom animated explainer video:
• We’ll write your script for you, or you can write it yourself
• We’ll create a storyboard mockup sketch
• Once you approve the storyboard, we’ll create the illustrated frames based on the style you choose
• Then we’ll work on the final video and add in the animation, voiceover, music, sound effects, etc.

Process for a template-based video:
• Choose the template you like
• Either you can write the script yourself, or we can write it for you
• We’ll render the video with your text, images, logo, and colors incorporated
• We can make any revisions you require
• We’ll add a voiceover if you want one

What are the payment terms?

We offer 2 payment options:

• Option 2) For most animation services under $2000 available in our shop – full payment is required up front to begin work.

• Option 2) For project budgets over $2000, we require  50% upfront, then 50% when video is completed

BONOMOTION accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or Paypal. Business check or Bank Wire-Transfers preferred.

NOTE: Full payment must be recieved, before delivery can be made. 

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