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Founded with a mission to accomplish a vision, Bonomotion has been and will always continue to be the passion project of our founder Bernard Dino Bonomo.

Growing up in South Florida, Bernard Bonomo was always fascinated by the lifestyle surrounding him. From Exotic Cars, Yachts, and Magnificent Waterfront Estates – he always read books, attended seminars, and conducted interviews with industry leaders; to learn about their journey towards success.

As a passion project, Bernard spent thousands of hours filming and editing content for his lifestyle entertainment network Symbols of Success, and learned ‘hands-on’ how to create compelling video productions while building valuable relationships with luxury brands and other entrepreneurs.

When not managing dozens of client projects, Bernard Bonomo is constantly thinking and developing new business models and entertainment concepts. His mission since 2003 has been to build a world class company and believes that we must always have a passionate commitment to the art of creation.

Our drive has established us as one of the top-rated media companies in Miami. And that’s why you’ll always find our film studios in Miami equipped and ready for a project.

Whether you want to film a superyacht  or create an award-winning corporate for your business, contact us today and speak with Bernard about your media goals.

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VIDEO.MIAMI is an innovative web platform to Buy, Sell and Produce cinematic quality content in South Florida. Bonomotion clients have exclusive access to this library for their projects!

We provide an extensive library of hyper-local stock footage and represent the best specialists in the the are.  4K Library includes Aerials (drone), Timelapse, Boats, Buildings and Much More.


  • South Beach
  • Brickell
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Palm Beach

For over a decade, we have helped corporate, real-estate and luxury clients achieve success with innovative media marketing. That’s why we created Marine Video Production (MVP), focused on serving the Yacht Industry.


MVP is a one-stop-shop for:
• Cinematic Video Tours
• Interior & Aerial Photography
• Interactive 3D Yacht Tours
• Company Profiles & Commercials
• Event Coverage

Boatopia™ the luxury lifestyle TV series that takes viewers onboard a journey, to the world’s hottest nautical destinations.

With hundreds of shows about homes, cars and travel; it is time to explore the carefree appeal of the international boating culture.

Join our crew as we meet the people, see the places, and experience the lifestyle that keeps this $150 billion industry afloat.

In addition to producing luxury lifestyle content – Boatopia LIFE is your destination for the best yacht charters and marine products around. 

Mini-Movie Studios produce and distribute custom video resumes that help students and professionals distinguish and market themselves. Finally a way to bring to life all the wonderful things that make you unique, while distinguishing yourself from the competition and creating a competitive advantage.

Mini-Movies combines the latest in custom High-Definition Virtual Production, with a personalized online media platform; making it easy and efficient for admissions, recruiters, employers and prospects to get a real sense of who you are and what you have to offer.

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“Don’t Dream it… LIVE IT”
Bernard Dino Bonomo

An exciting web-TV series that profiles exclusive individuals who not only have a passion for the “good life,” but more importantly have an inspiring success story to share. Our purpose is to deliver entertaining and relevant content to this hungry young audience, to positively impact individual and global growth.

The $12 Billion dollar self-improvement market has yet to tap the needs of younger generations, still focused mainly on Baby-Boomers. There are no Media Companies delivering a consistent source of ‘Positive Lifestyle Entertainment’ produced by & for this coveted generation.


‘The YES Movie’ is an inspirational documentary featuring the success stories and strategies from America’s youngest self-made millionaires and business experts. Following the worldwide success of the movie ‘THE SECRET’ – Bernard Bonomo and Louis Lautman teamed up to create a movie that proves it takes more than just ‘Visualization’ to achieve your dreams.

As the Producer and Editor of ‘The YES Movie’– Bernard Bonomo was able to pull from his personal library of HD Lifestyle Content and creatively transform 100+ hours of raw interviews, into an engaging motivational movie.

Ready for Hyper-growth?

We are a privately-held media agency that is always exploring strategic relationships, investors and new opportunities. Bernard Bonomo is available for guest lectures, speaking engagements and media commentary about the exploding world of content creation.
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