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Bonomotion is your Explainer Video & Whiteboard Animations Company 

Animated explainer video production works as superb marketing tools for virtually every type of industry. We help global clients stand out and grow their businesses. With a team of highly skilled artists and animation professionals, we ensure the the entire process is fun and exciting for everyone involved. For engagement and sales you NEED to entertain & capture people’s imagination.

Bonomotion creates amazing animated videos to engage and inspire your visitors to action. Works for online or offline businesses to generate more traffic, leads & sales.

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Handcrafted Animated Videos Engage Audiences, Increase Awareness and Multiply Conversions

grab attention and
generate results

Imagine summing your business pitch in 90 seconds or less.

To begin with, we understand that many products, services or ideas require lots of time or materials to convince prospects that you are the right solution to their problem. That’s why our animation video services is so popular among marketers. Because they clearly present what you do in a quick and entertaining way. Plus they can be used to simplify any area of your sales or marketing process. Therefore, the possibilities are endless.


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76% of marketers

say that animated video has helped them increase sales and generate more traffic. 

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Explainer Videos

including animation explainer videos less than 90 seconds long are shared 37% more often.

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81% of people

are convinced to buy a product or service and 69% of people are convinced to buy a software application after watching a good promotion explainer video.


Here at Bonomotion – Your Vision.. is only the Beginning

To begin with the project starts with a free consultation to help discover specific ideas, goals and budget for your video. Secondly, once we’ve determined the perfect solution, you’ll receive an welcome email that contains a creative brief and storyboard samples. This way you can better explain the details about your business, product or service. From online ordering – to animation and delivery, our streamlined system makes the explainer video production process quick, simple and easy! Explore the rest of our process below, which as an example, a project will typically takes between 3-5 weeks.



Our professional script writers will prepare the story. By firstly taking the notes from your creative brief. We’ll work with you to review and tweak the script as necessary.



Secondly, we bring your script to life, a visual storyboard is created. This is where graphics, characters and motion are created by our layout department.

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Our animators add motion to each character and sequence, together with professional voice over recording, graphics, sound FX and music.

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The custom video is sent for your review and here’s where we’ll make any final revisions. Need to add more characters to this column to balance everything out!
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Finally, once the finished touches are done, your awesome new professional High-Definition animated explainer video is sent over for you to download.

Animated Video Examples

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Why use explainer videos?

Because they work. They offer clarity, build trust and help establish your brand as reliable. They’re also really easy to watch on a mobile device, and can be easily placed on a website, or even in a presentation. Especially our Whiteboard Style Animations!

Most importantly though, they do the hard work. They explain your business. They explain your product or service. And they can demonstrate how to do something in a logical way.
It all comes down to conveying a message quickly and simply, because a well-scripted animated video production can say so much more in 90 seconds than a person usually can.

The power of conversion

Business is all about getting results, and that’s exactly what animated explainer videos by Bonomotion can do for you. They convert!

An engaging video will hold someone on a webpage considerably longer than text will, which means your site’s SEO ranking will improve. Furthermore, you’re 53 times more likely to show up first on Google, if you have a video embedded somewhere on your website. Search engines love video!

In fact, 45% of businesses who use video, say they have an explainer video on their homepage. Amazingly, it’s said that a video on a landing page can increase your conversion rate by 80%. That’s a great result.

Animated explainer videos are also an excellent tool for connecting with your customer, and then having them take a certain action. The Call-to-Action – the most important step in any marketing campaign.

Hire a professional or DIY?

If you work in marketing or you’re a business owner, there’s a good chance you’ve seen an ad on social media about software to make your own animated video. Of course you can. But will it convey the best message? Will it have the impact you need?

When getting your message across is about convincing someone to take a specific action, and that action will have a financial impact on your business, then you really should be using a professional team. After all, that’s an investment that will generate money for your company, so it’s a good return on investment.

wh productiondBenefits of Explainer videos?

Do you sell a product? Then you need an explainer video. Yes, you. Improve your conversions no matter what type of product you sell. So, what are explainer videos? They are short videos that tell your user exactly what your company can do for them. It’s a highlight of services you offer and/or products you sell.

At Bonomotion, we are the #1 Explainer video company in Florida. What’s our secret? Animation. That’s right. Animated video production is our specialty and we use these tools to create a compelling and memorable explainer video for you.

How are you going to make sales if you can’t capture people’s attention? That’s where we come in. The explainer video production will take you from concept to finished product in only 3-5 weeks.

How Does it work?

During the whiteboard animated video production process, we sit down with one our designers and brainstorm to nail down the perfect concept for your video and stay within your budget. We have the luxury of being both an animation video agency and an explainer video production company so all departments are in constant communication and stay on the same page.

No other Miami video production services offer animated video production with the same amount of success as we have. We know animation video production and pride ourselves on being the best explainer video company out there.

We also offer whiteboard animation services if you’re interested in going that route. Whiteboard video production can also be a great way to showcase your products. Our animation video company can handle both.

Whether you choose an animated explainer video or whiteboard videos, Bonomotion is the only explainer video production company you need. We are the #1 rated whiteboard animation company in Florida for a reason!