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Miami Video Production

We are proud to be South Florida’s premier full-service video production services company, for over 15 years. Everything from simple video solutions, to Hollywood movie crews – we are your creative partner for success.

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Corporate Video Production

Capture the Life of Your Company with powerful cinematic videos and trailers. We are experts in transforming the heart of a brand into video, which tells your story in an engaging and entertaining way.

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Real-Estate Marketing

There’s simply no better way to showcase new developments, retail, condos or homes; then with Professional Video and Photography. With our network of creative media professionals, we are your go-to source for the best images around.

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Aerial 'Drone' Production

Let our expert trained pilots be your source for all aerial photography, and cinematography for commercial, real-estate, and entertainment projects.

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Event Video Production

Our experienced and creative team has worked in a variety of events, including corporate functions, fundraisers, trade shows, and even private parties.

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Broadcast and Entertainment

We’ve produced TV pilots, movie trailers, music videos, and fashion show coverage. We offer documentary and behind-the-scenes videos, as well studio and equipment rentals.

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Hollywood Production Reel

From the celebrities in the Wonderful Pistachios (Manny Pacquio, Khloe Kardashian, Psy) and Teleflora commercials (Adriana Lima, Faith Hill), to amazing Stop Motion and CG animation, producer Tim Munday has supervised and produced commercial, digital, and longer format productions and worked with companies like Reveille (The Office)

Celebrity Behind-The-Scenes

This is a fun piece produced from the Pistachio National TV Commercial campaign. Featuring some recognizable celebrities and pop-culture icons. This is a sample of the top level & big-budget productions.

Aerial Production Reel

Using a remote controlled aircraft known as a Drone or Multicopter, light weight and all battery powered they fly like a helicopter with vertical flight, quiet, with six electric or eight motors for aerial photography and video. This flying platform is for a new type of creative aerial media that is cutting edge and catching on fast.

Time-lapse Video Production

Our partners at ASK MEDIA are experts Motion Time-lapse Photography and utilize professionally crafted rigs that are capable of delivering 1,2,3 and 5-axis movements. This are one of a kind shots for your productions that you can’t get anywhere else.