Whiteboard Animations are one of the most popular styles of video. The reason is simple: They’re professional, fun, and most importantly – highly effective at keeping viewers engaged with your marketing message.




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What are Whiteboard Animations and why are they the perfect marketing tool?

The term whiteboard animation comes from the process of an artist actually illustrating a story on a whiteboard, then record it using time-lapse or stop-motion photography. We then take those frames, and animate it or use ‘video-scribing’ technology to create the finished product. The most important thing here is to uncover the perfect message for your business, product or service- then boiling that down to a simple, easy-to-understand concept which is approved before we start the process.


Everywhere you look today on TV and Web, whiteboard animations are being used by Fortune 100 companies to local small businesses. Why? Because they work! The possibilities are endless.


Handcrafted Animated Videos Engage Audiences, Increase Awareness and Multiply Conversions.


Here at Bonomotion – Your Vision.. is only the Beginning

To begin with the project starts with a free consultation to help discover specific ideas, goals and budget for your video. Secondly, once we’ve determined the perfect solution, you’ll receive an welcome email that contains a creative brief and storyboard samples. This way you can better explain the details about your business, product or service. From online ordering – to animation and delivery, our streamlined system makes the explainer video production process quick, simple and easy! Explore the rest of our process below.  Most projects will typically takes between 2-4 weeks.


Our professional script writers will prepare the story. By firstly taking the notes from your creative brief. We’ll work with you to review and tweak the script as necessary.


Secondly, we bring your script to life, a visual storyboard is created. This is where graphics, characters and motion are created by our layout department.


Our animators add motion to each character and sequence, together with professional voice over recording, graphics, sound FX and music.


The custom video is sent for your review and here’s where we’ll make any final revisions. Need to add more characters to this column to balance everything out!


Finally, once the finished touches are done, your awesome new professional High-Definition animated explainer video is sent over for you to download.

Animated Video Examples

76% of marketers

say that animated video has helped them increase sales and generate more traffic. 

Explainer Videos

including animation explainer videos less than 90 seconds long are shared 37% more often.

81% of people

are convinced to buy a product or service and 69% of people are convinced to buy a software application after watching a good promotion explainer video.


Hollywood Quality Animations For Everyone. FROM $2,500 up to 2 Minutes!

Creative Script Development

Creative Script Development

Not strong in the creative department? No worries. Our professional script writers look forward to telling your story.

Character / Visual Design

Character / Visual Design

Based on your script and subject, our layout department custom designs the characters, objects, locations and costumes. The cartoon characters can even resemble you or your team!

Professional Voice Over Talent

Professional Voice Over Talent

Looking for a particular type of voice for your video narration? Our voice over experts can deliver premium work in over 30 languages, and perform in a wide range of accents and styles.

Sound FX & Background Music

Sound FX & Background Music

You can choose any style of music for your video or simply let one of our creative directors choose a premium selection that brings your animated video production to life.

Full HD Animated Video

Full HD Animated Video

Our animation team creates your video in High Resolution 1080p format – then delivers the polished video within 2-4 weeks.

TV, Web, Mobile Video Formatting

TV, Web, Mobile Video Formatting

We format your video so it plays back in the highest resolution on television, websites, iOS and Android devices, as well as other multi-media mobile devices

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