Time-lapse video services

Bonomotion specializes in construction site solutions for remote monitoring and custom high-resolution timelapse videos & photos.


Bonomotion’s all-inclusive solution, combines the latest camera technology with a custom monitoring portal.

With regular filming sessions from both ground and drone, we can capture the entire building process.

Choose from our affordable monthly plans starting at just $899. 

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Image Documentation

Capture the entire process starting from site preparation to construction and offer real-time visual imagery of the project, enhanced with AI tools and personalized support. Our licenced Drone Pilots also visit your job site to capture progress from above!

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Content Creation

Condense the project into a compelling sales tool – that is both effective and engaging for clients, partners and stakeholders. We provide monthly batches of photos & timelapse clips, and cinematic editing from all angles once complete. 

6K timelapse photos


These high-resolution images are not only great for marketing use, but also help you conduct a virtual assessment of safety protocols to identify issues and refine project management procedures. *photos can even be downloaded anytime for use. 

A World of Possibilities

• Construction Monitoring   

• Residential & Commercial Developments

• Interior & Exterior Renovations or Add-ons

• Investment & Property Management Firms   

• Smart Cities & Tourism Marketing


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It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time

David Allan Coe


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timelapse features


Navigate between the different viewpoints and more features in the top right-hand menu.

Easily download pictures and video clips to see the quality!

Bonomotion offers a completely turn-key system, with a branded monitoring portal webpage that’s built for you. No need to learn a new software or complex management system.

Easily access your new time-lapse views; which are automatically updated daily.

  • Custom dashboard provided
  • Private or public sharing
  • View all angles in real-time
  • Unlimited image downloads
  • Weekly timelapse progress videos made
  • A.I. selects best pics (removing rainy, cloudy or night shots)


Combining 8 month timelapse from 3 Cameras + On Ground & Aerial Coverage 


Let's Build Together

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