Time-lapse video services

This technique is the most visually stunning way to capture nature, construction or event developments

Why Time-Lapse Videos are Important?

Time-lapse videos can document the entire development of a project. They are the best investment you can make to showcase all the work involved in the process. 

They are created by capturing thousands of images from the same position, over a long period of time. Therefore, it’s one of the most stunningly creative processes. In addition, when all the images are edited together with music – it can leave viewers in awe.

Time-lapse video services are very popular in nature programs – where you see flowers blooming or a storm rolling in. However, in the commercial world, this technique is extremely beneficial for construction projects, or in manufacturing, because something that takes days, weeks or months to happen, can be told in a matter of seconds.  Watch the demos below and see for yourself.

Time-Lapse Video Services in Miami By Bonmotion

Bonomotion captures time-lapse transformation of fully operational field hospital in Miami

Over 500,000 Sqare Feet of the Miami Beach Convention Center was transformed into a fully operational field hospital in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Robins & Morton was awarded the $25Million contract to handle the build out – and they turned to BONOMOTION to be there on-site for 3 weeks to document the process. This video features a mix of time-lapse videos, steadicam shots and even drone video – filmed inside and outside of the Miami Beach Convention Center. We also delivered over 300 high-resolution photos while there.  LEARN MORE HERE   

Just imagine now how Bonomotion can capture your next development project.

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