Interviews & Testimonials

The ultimate purpose of a video interview is to help tell a story. Great storytelling is an artform, and it’s the secret to keeping someone engaged in your message.

The power of video interviews

Create your interviews & testimonials with the top-rated testimonial video production company

At Bonomotion, we help you shape the perfect message by identifying the focus of the interview, choosing an appropriate location, creating the correct mood, recording the ideal content, and then editing it into the most effective flow for it to be understood and impactful.

Interviews are so powerful because they’re personal, and can convey information factually, emotionally and directly. The real magic comes from the edit, when your message can be structured, shortened, and crafted. 

If you have a specific vision for your interview video production, our team can help you right from developing the concept to making sure that enough people see it.   

Personal profiles, can also help eliminate confusion by focussing in on key points of your business and how you solve your customers’ problems. They also help you stand-out, to ensure you are remembered. 

Whether you just need a camera operator, a small team or even a large scale crew, Bonomotion will provide everything you need for success. That’s what has made us one of the best video production companies in Miami. 

The key to Interviews & Testimonial videos

Know, Like & Trust

Every business first needs to be known, before their prospective customers can like them. And only when customers like you, will they trust you. Once they trust you, they’re more likely to buy from you.

Nothing builds the know, like and trust factor as rapidly as video. It’s the perfect solution to getting your message across in the shortest amount of time with the most impact.

Our aim is to make your company look good – offline and online. And that’s why we have the best minds and gears to work on your testimonial video production. We ensure to design these videos in such a way that you can use them as social proof.

People buy on emotion and justify their decision with logic. So hook them in, convince them, and give them validation. That’s the power of Interview or Testimonial Video Production


• Give a voice to your products or services through company executives, staff and customers

• Allow you to specifically shape your message so it’s simple to understand

• Establish yourself as an expert on your business subject


• Create social proof, as ‘Seeing is Believing. 

• Provide evidence of the results or benefits promised.

• Build trust and credibility, better than anything else.

When you’re looking to record client testimonials, who could be better than a company with a 5-star customer rating?



We know that public speaking and talking on camera can feel uncomfortable. That’s why our experienced producers and directors, are there to help make the interview feel as natural and comfortable as possible.

Our job is to help you get across the best possible message, and we can always use our teleprompter to help with the delivery of your script.  So take a deep breath, and let’s film your interview videos today!


Having worked on countless projects in various industries, our team knows just how to visually address any questions or concerns in your upcoming interview video production.

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