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About The Project

Dental Whale is a cutting edge technology company, and they were looking to recruit some of the nation’s top talent from other markets such as Silicon Valley and NYC. What better way to showcase the fun & cool atmosphere at their South Florida headquarters, then by interviewing some key personnel throughout a day at work.   Plus the founder David Lopez needed new promotional photos to be published in a featured article in Forbes Magazine. 

The Bonomotion team consisted of a Producer/Director, One Photographer, Two Videographers, Sound & Lighting Tech and Drone Pilot; recruitment corporate video company captures magnificent videos.

About The Client

With offices in AtlantaSan Antonio and Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Dental Whale is an innovative dental company carving a new category of group private practice ownership and management. Through its suite of subsidiary companies, Dental Whale helps dentists operate dental practices more efficiently by saving money on purchases, marketing to new patients, expanding through acquisitions, improving patient experience and increasing office efficiency. In 2018, Dental Whale and its more than 850 team members supported more than 17,000 dentists and helped serve more than 4 million patients.

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Employee Spotlight

In addition to the main recruitment video produced, we delivered a dozen individual profile videos. Highlighting various employees talking about their roles at the company. This makes the HR and recruiting teams job much easier, when they’re able to share  specific videos with prospective candidates. Visit a reliable business video production!

No one wants to read about a job description anymore. Its time to show new employees what  its like to work at your company!


 (over 250 pictures delivered from 1 day)

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