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Capture the life of your residential or commercial properties with stunning photography and cinematic video tours.

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If you’re looking for the best quality and creative real-estate marketing services, then you came to the right place. The South Florida real estate market is booming, and there’s intense competition among buyers and sellers alike. There is a lot at stake in this dynamic but complex industry, so being able to find the right edge can make a huge difference. We provide professional and affordable real estate video production in Miami, including HDR photography, video walkthroughs, aerial “drone” productions, Zillow™ certified videos, and Matterport 3D virtual tours.

All these creative marketing tools will help you find the right buyers, investors, and listings anywhere in the world.

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Real Estate Photography

Especially now, it’s vital to your success – to have the best possible images created for your listings. And you can do that using Bonomotion’s real estate photography in Miami.

Regardless of property type, size or location – the mission of our real estate marketing company is to make each property look the best it can be. By shooting in HDR (High-Dynamic-Range), we can merge several photo layers in each composition to make for breathtaking photos. Together with photoshop retouching, sky replacements, color enhancing, and licensed aerial real estate photography pilots – BONOMOTION is your one-stop-shop for all your commercial real estate photography needs.

Real Estate Videos


Today it’s easy for brokers of commercial or residential properties, to have video tours produced for their listings and developments.

However, not all real estate videogrphy productions in Miami are the same.

It takes a certain level of experience, and understanding of architecture design – to properly capture the interior, exterior and property features. At BONOMOTION, we have a team of expert partners – who together have filmed & photographed over $625 Million Dollars of South Florida real-estate!

We realize that there’s only a handful of listings like this example here, so even if it’s a $400,000 condo – the same level of quality, service, and cinematography goes into making your homes or commercial spaces look spectacular to potential buyers or investors. And we help you sell them with the best people in today’s real-estate marketing in Miami.

Real Estate Marketing Experts

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Aerial (Drone)

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Homes & Condos



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Yachting / Underwater


Imagine capturing thousands of pictures, over a long period of time. Then transforming them into a cinematic time-lapse movie. We provide first-class Miami live streaming and time-lapse video services all over South Florida. Click here to learn more about how time-lapses can work magic for your next project.

Watch our demo below to see why Motion Creates Emotion.