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For much of the nation, Fort Lauderdale is synonymous with Spring Break, and has a reputation as one of the best party cities in the nation. Locals know this reputation is well-deserved. Fort Lauderdale not only boasts some of the country’s most gorgeous beaches, but also some of the best nightlife in the entire Southern Florida region. However, we also know that the reputation only tells part of the story; Fort Lauderdale also offers fine dining, tons of shopping, gorgeous diving opportunities, and the iconic canals that have earned it the nickname “The Venice of America.” Add in the year-round beautiful weather and it is easy to see how Fort Lauderdale has a little something to offer for everyone.


Fort Lauderdale Video Production Company - Bonomotion

Video Production Company in Fort Lauderdale

Like Fort Lauderdale, local video production company Bonomotion has a little something to offer for everyone, as well. Founded by media expert Bernard Bonomo, Bonomotion is proud to work with clients of all sizes, with varying budgets, on small and large projects. Our team of media experts loves to sit down with a new client, find out what your vision is for your video production, and show you how we can help make that vision a reality.


Fort Lauderdale video production

We especially love it when we get to work as startup video producers, helping clients develop the visual media they need to turn their crowdfunding or KickStarter campaigns into success stories. Many prospective clients underestimate what we do as a production company.

You might want a video featuring Fort Lauderdale’s iconic canals, but not know how to get a location shot. Do not worry; we do. We are known for our stunning local footage, whether it is aerial photography or more traditional filming approaches. Not sure what the best Fort Lauderdale video production company can do to help you with your video project? Contact Bonomotion today and find out!