Doral is one of those cities in Florida that may not get a lot of recognition by people outside of the state but is well-recognized by people in the state as a major area of industry and business. People outside of Florida are starting to recognize this. Video production Doral has been ranked by both Fortune Small Business and CNN Money as one of the top 100 cities with a mix of business advantages and lifestyle appeal because of its thriving financial and business markets, particularly its import and export businesses. It has also attracted the attention of international organizations: earlier this year, Doral hosted the 2014 Miss Universe Pageant.

It comes as no surprise that local business owners usually want to capitalize on this lifestyle appeal in their advertising, incorporating many of the perks and benefits of the city in their video productions. Having a local video production company that understands those benefits is one of the best ways to ensure that they become part of that production and Bonomotion is South Florida’s most creative and adaptive video production company, equally at ease capturing the nightlife in event videos in resort beach towns as we are with capturing technically detailed instructions in commercials, startup video productions, informational videos, and crowdfunding or KickStarter video productions.

Founder Bernard Bonomo started Bonomotion because he wanted to be able to offer the highest quality video production services to clients in the South Florida region while still ensuring that he would be able to capture the local flair that makes our area so unique and recognizable. Since its founding, Video Production Doral has become South Florida’s premiere video production agency, and is known not only for industry-leading technical standards, but also for its ability to capture the feeling of southern Florida, whether by securing the perfect location or talent for your video production or by helping you create a script with local appeal.