South Beach, or SoBe, maybe a local community, but it is known throughout the United States for its vibrant party scene, its gorgeous people, a thriving arts community, its Art Deco architecture, and the active lifestyle of its residents. While some dismiss the club scene as being all about parties, doing so ignores that South Beach helps set nationwide trends. It hosts some of the country’s best DJs, and the 24-hour “nightlife” one finds in South Beach sets entertainment trends across the world. It should come as no surprise that South Beach is one of the hottest spots for celebrities, with many owning homes in the area and hundreds of others making their way to South Beach for fun in the sun and great parties. In fact, the area is so trendy that the name has been coopted for the name of a diet, knowing that people want the lifestyle associated with the name.
However, South Beach is more than a trend. Actually part of the larger city of Miami Beach, a beachfront community, South Beach has become a force in many areas of pop culture. For example, it is known for a thriving food and wine scene that goes well beyond what one would normally associate with the nightlife and parties for which it is known.

A local video production agency, Bonomotion understands that attempting to reduce South Beach to a stereotype sells the city short. It is a vibrant and changing community and the businesses that call it home have settled there, in some part, because of the community’s openness to change and growth. We can help you reflect that attitude in your video productions.

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