Business profile videos use the internet and video combined to deliver profile information to potential clients, consumers, and competitors. The business profile video can be generic, giving a history of the business, or it can be more specific, tailored to specific employees or processes- all depending on what you want. Whatever you choose, it should be concise, entertaining, and up-to-date. To help you meet those goals, we’re sharing the biggest trends we’ve noticed so far in business profile videos for 2015.

6. Using them. More and more companies are embracing the power of video in their marketing and are incorporating the profile video into their web marketing.

5. Utilizing all different types of social media. Business profile videos naturally go with websites, but businesses are realizing that Facebook, LinkedIn, KickStarter, and other social media sites are great platforms for business profile videos, especially when introducing new products. While other sites like Twitter and Instagram cannot support videos, they can be used to increase awareness of the video and drive traffic to the sites where the videos are located.

4. Using on-location shoots. More and more companies want to give their customers a feel for their business and one way to do this is with the on-location shoot. Of course, sometimes your business reality and your aspirations do not align and your location might not match up with your company image. In that case, Bonomotion can help you find a location for your shoot that matches your image while still conveying the same on-location feeling to your potential clients.

3. The use of testimonials. The testimonial video can come in multiple formats, but basically involves someone talking to the camera about the company or a specific product or service. It allows for a conversational tone that might seem too informal for written text on a website and personalizes your company’s approach to customers and potential customers. You might be familiar with the use of the testimonial approach utilizing your employees or owners as the speakers, but testimonials can also utilize customers or third-party beneficiaries of your services. Who is in the best position to tell customers how great your company is? Use them in testimonials to do just that!

2. Using emotions. Tied in with the number two trend is the use of videos to introduce an emotional context to your company’s message.   Whether using personal testimonials, having actors portray an emotional scenario, or using another means to introduce an emotional context, using a video allows you to personalize your message and make your viewers feel what you are trying to say.

1. Using animation. Explainer videos use animation to help explain content to consumers and it has a tremendous impact on what the audience learns- improving recall and comprehension. No wonder explainer videos have gone from virtually unknown to one of the industry’s hottest trends!

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