When you think of animated video production clichés, you are probably thinking of characters or actions that occur so frequently in animation that they are considered cliché. It is important to avoid those types of clichés in commercials from the best miami animation company, but the real clichés that you need to avoid have to do with your use of animation in your videos, not really the content of that animation.   When you use animation in a commercial video production, you want it to feel like a natural part of the message contained in the video. To make the animation feel natural, it is important to avoid some of the traps that people fall into when choosing animated video production in their commercial videos.

Common clichés from the best Miami Animation Company.

  1. Tailoring the script to the animation. The center focus of any commercial miami video production should be a strong script. The animation should reinforce the overall message of the script and be consistent with the tone and message that you want to convey.   Does your animation enhance your script? If not, then you have committed one of the worst clichés- the gratuitous use of animation.
  2. Using multiple animation styles. Animation style is defined by a wide variety of discrete factors that combine together to create a specific style. If you are incorporating animation in your videos, you want each video to have a cohesive feel, which means that you want to make sure each video contains a single animation style. You also want to think about the importance of branding. Ideally, your customers will begin to recognize your promotional videos because you have established a brand image. Therefore, you might want to consider adopting a single type of animation to use across your videos, so that you provide continuity to viewers who look at multiple videos in succession.
  3. Using industry jargon or clichéd sayings. Unless all of your potential customers are also going to be from within your industry, the use of industry jargon is going to be off-putting. You want to strike a conversational tone that is accessible to anyone who views your video.
  4. Confusing animation with cartoons or caricature. Cartoons may fit under the animation umbrella, but not all animation is cartoonish. Your animation does not need to be cutesy or even contain characters to enhance your message.
  5. Incorporating cartoon clichés into your animation. Cartoons often fall back on stereotyped images to convey a complex message without using any words. Be very aware of the type of message that you are sending with your choice of characters and be sure that message is one you want associated with your brand.

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