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How South Florida Spa and Beauty companies are using online video marketing to help the drive new business.

Spa and beauty industry video marketing

Video is important to your Spa, Salon or Beauty Brand

As the Miami beauty and spa industries continue to accept video and digital as essential marketing activities, they are learning to strategically merge their offline storefronts with their online presence.

Video is an effective mechanism to communicate you and your company’s personality with potential clients.

Just on YouTube alone, over 60 hours of video are uploaded a minute with over 1 trillion views a year. That ridiculous statistic wraps the day spa and salon industry into it.

A single video, combined with your website, Facebook account and YouTube can increase your brand awareness and interest nationally since more videos are viewed and streamed through YouTube than the biggest three television networks combined.

Further to this, “beauty is a fast- growing category on YouTube, with a passionate audience looking for the latest trends and inspiration for their own looks,” says Terry Hurlbutt, lifestyle lead for YouTube’s original programming group. YouTube and videos that take a creative approach are great ways to reach out to potential customers – offer instructional how-to’s, expert beauty advice and demonstrations as well as other unique viral content.

Studio Cie Case Study

Studio Cie, an upscale wellness spa located in Lakewood, California has seen incredible success using video marketing.

According to owner Carol Cisneros iv, online video marketing has enabled the spa to give customers a walk-through of their facilities, allowed people to visually ‘try before they buy’ and has increased customer brand awareness.

They have added calls to action via video which has increased the visitorship to their physical shop. Specific revenue growth figures weren’t available at the time of review but were considered ‘dramatic thanks to video marketing.’

Contributing to the video marketing success of Studio Cie is the fact that they understand the necessity of making all of their online efforts cohesive. They have also developed an engaging Facebook page v with well-placed verbiage and excellent video content.


Searchers must find your video.

Even if your video production is technically perfect, if nobody can find it, you’ve wasted a lot of time. You need to optimize your video for search engines – this should be done with compelling, relevant titles, descriptions and keywords that make sense for your business and what your customer is looking for.

Just because a searcher is able to find your video doesn’t mean they will watch it. Unless you have a relevant headline and description, nobody will click on your legal video. The only people interested in watching your law firm video are those seeking an information source or those who have a legal problem and are searching for an attorney to solve their particular problem. The type of videos you are creating shouldn’t be expected to go viral as they don’t fit the pattern

for widespread viewing. A video doesn’t need to go viral in order to be watched and in order to meet your objectives. That being said, a legal video that is unwatched translates into wasted marketing dollars. Hire an expert like company video production for a great video and other services!

This is where your analytics come in. It’s important to evaluate so you can know what you are doing right and more importantly, what you are doing wrong. If nobody is watching your video until the end it is probably not compelling enough and you should consider starting fresh.

It’s unfortunately thought that attorney’s talk too much and don’t listen enough. This is not how you want to come across in your video or you may lose your viewer forever. Although Miami attorneys talk and give advice for a living, the video producer should guide and control the attorney to ensure the right message gets across. It takes an experienced video production services to know what a targeted online viewer is looking for and how to get the attorney to convey a message that will resonate with that audience.

If you are an attorney offering your services and you are using legal video to market those services, it is highly suggested that you don’t focus the video on yourself. A viewer who takes the time to search for an attorney and doesn’t know you is looking for someone to help solve their problem. If you talk about yourself too much, you are giving them reason to look elsewhere. The only way to get a viewer to take action (pick up the phone and call) is to create a compelling video that helps solve your viewers’ problem. Without giving any legal advice, explain how you can solve their problem and offer information that nobody else in your field is providing online. Give the information for free and viewers will be compelled to call you for more information.

How Attorney Gordon P. Firemark Successfully Integrated Video into his Marketing Mix

Attorney Gordon P. Firemark is one of the most active attorney’s online for sharing legal information and maintaining a private practice. He has created his own YouTube channel, Entertainment Law Information, which features questions and answers from his audience, on

video. While his ‘asked and answered’ venture started off as a column on his blog, he soon moved to video and received incredibly positive feedback and results. In doing so, he has managed to position himself as a thought leader and is continuously increasing traffic to his website, where viewers are able to find more information about him and his practice. He uses a very honest approach which translates very well in his videos – this positions him as trustworthy and authentic, two very important factors in his field.

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Other tactics he has implemented:

Social Media for Attorney’s –

• His own Vimeo channel with free copies of his videos

• His own blog, which features his videos as he creates them

• A weekly e-Newsletter on Entertainment Law. Not only does he send out his videos, he also provides news legal updates and events for professionals in film, television, theatre and new media.

• Digital book, The Podcast, Blog & New Media Producer’s Legal Survival Guide

• Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, where he provides news and information in his field as well as his videos as he creates them

Video Marketing is the future of attorney success

With its ability to engage, convert and build lasting relationships, video marketing is going to change the way attorneys build relationships and garner new business. Many customers rely upon video as a source of information. For attorneys to find longevity in their video marketing strategies they need to stimulate their viewers with engaging content that is helpful and relevant. If you`re not already communicating your story via online video, you are missing out on an opportunity to improve your online visibility, talk to potential clients, generate leads, earn credibility, increase consumer confidence and drive new business.

In past years, attorney’s marketed themselves using Yellow Pages, TV, classified ads, brochures, radio and billboards – online marketing has triumphed all of this.

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