Video production company BONOMOTION has reached a social media milestone, having garnered over 4,000 followers on its Twitter account, @Bonomotion. The social media platform was launched in order showcase the company’s services to a much wider audience, as well as to improve client engagement. Followers are linked to relevant news items related to Corporate Video Production, promotion materials, business strategies, and blog posts from the company’s official website, The achievement of obtaining so many followers is significant in an era when social networking plays a vital role in helping businesses grow. This growth also reflects the company’s growing popularity and visibility among a much wider audience. In addition to Twitter, interested users can visit the company’s recently updated website, which provides ample information on its various video production services. A major focal point of the website is a Portfolio page that displays a comprehensive gallery of videos created by the company for clients and personal projects. These videos, which can be delivered on any desired platform, span a wide range of topics and styles. These include production projects for business, events, entertainment, real estate, virtual media, fashion, and more. Users can apply a filter in order to narrow down the showcase to the type of video being searched for. In addition, there is also a section that provides an extensive and detailed list of the company’s services, including television commercials, Corporate Video Production, real estate video tours, career media services, fashion show coverage, web videos, and much more. Furthermore, the company offers video production support in the form of such services as 3D animation and graphic design, multilingual voice over work, video editing, and so on. Users can also access a blog section that provides information on a number of topics and concerns relevant to video production, such as insider information, updates on the industry, tips on marketing and video production, and the like. As a whole, the website is intended to engage with both existing and potential clients by being aesthetic, informative, and welcoming. Clients are even encouraged to submit detailed requests for projects on the “Contact Us” page. BONOMOTION was launched in 2003 by BeanoVision Productions, an acclaimed Miami video production company. It has since assisted numerous businesses and individuals across industries in the production of quality promotional videos.