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Volume 1 / Issue 1

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Planet Traveler, developers of the innovative Space Case 1. The Space Case 1 is the world’s most advanced smart suitcase, offering fingerprint opening, global tracking, a self-weighing scale, speakerphone, and power bank.  In fact, CNN listed it first in its list of seven ground-breaking travel accessories.

Currently, in pre-production, Planet Traveler launched its KickStarter campaign on June 1st. Deliveries are anticipated in November 2015 if Planet Traveler meets its $50,000 KickStarter Goal by July 16, 2015. They are well on their way; as of June 2nd, they were over 3/5ths of the way to their goal!

Miami Video Production Brings Prototypes to Life

By using video, you can display the full-functions of your video prototypes for KickStarter or other crowdsourcing campaigns.

Q: How did Bonomotion help Space Case 1 with its KickStarter launch?

A: Working with the Planet Traveler team, we created professional videos that allowed them to showcase the special features that make Space Case 1 stand out from other luggage its full range of movement. The best way to see what we did for them is to check out the videos on their KickStarter launch page.

Q: Why are videos a great way to show off prototypes?

A: Video prototypes allow people to see your product in motion. Space Case 1 has a number of features that rely on movement, and they would be difficult, if not impossible, to explain without video highlighting its movement capabilities. Videos also allow a 360◦ view of your product or prototype, so your potential customers and investors don’t have to wonder what it looks like in person; a quality video prototype can show them what it will look like and how it will perform in person.

By day two of its KickStarter campaign, Space Case had reached more than $30,300 of its $50,000 goal!

InGram-Micro Corporate Event

Ingram-Micro is not just one of the area’s technology leaders; ranked 69th on the Fortune 500, it is one of the world’s technology leaders. Its goal is to help business partners function efficiently in the global marketplace by offering cutting-edge supply chain services. Of course, what many Miami locals know about the company is that it is known for treating its exemplary treatment of its clients and customers. Its corporate event in May 2015 at the luxurious Eden Roc in Miami Beach was no exception and Bonomotion was proud to provide video coverage of this event! The video is a great example of corporate event coverage, highlighting both the recreational and innovational aspects of the event itself.

In fact, the video not only highlights how Bonomotion’s videographers can capture the tone and style of your corporate events but also features some of our exciting aerial and local footage, which sets the stage for the event.

Addiction recovery network

The goal of the Addiction Recovery Network is simple: helping addicts who are interested in recovery by answering questions, making information available, and helping them connect with the treatment centers that are best-suited to their individual needs.

Bonomotion was proud to have the opportunity to help Addiction Recovery Network meets its goals by creating an informational video featuring Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson, former Dallas Cowboy and cocaine addict. In the video, Hollywood discusses his own difficulties in finding the right addiction recovery center to treat not only his addictions, but also their underlying causes.

The video is an excellent example of how a personal testimonial can personalize your business and help clients and potential clients understand the company’s purpose, goals, and goods and services offered in a fraction of the time it would take for them to find the same written information on your website. It also highlights how the use of actors in a video can help convey the underlying emotions you want to express, even if those actors do not have any dialogue.

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We offer local Miami video production, web-video production, company profiles, animation, infomercials, training videos, aerial photography and videography.

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