How you can benefit using IGTV - Bonomotion

First, there were grids. Then came stories. And now the social media billionaire Instagram has taken the next logical step and launched a sub-app called IGTV threatening to knock off the pedestal both YouTube and good-old television. In the official Instagram blog, the CEO of the company Kevin Systrom called the new video application their “most exciting feature to date” hoping that with the help of the influencers and their loyal followers, it will “begin a new chapter of video on Instagram”. So, what is IGTV to be exact, and how can it benefit your business? Keep reading to find out!

Potential benefits of IGTV for brands

IGTV stands for Instagram TV which is a media mobile application that allows to view, create, and broadcast long-form video content. Before IGTV, there were two options to post videos on Instagram: 60-second clips for the grid and 15-second clips for the stories. The latter eventually expire and self-destruct in 24 hours.

Whereas, with IGTV, users can finally share up to 1-hour long videos. Though 60 minutes are reserved solely to verified accounts with more than 10k followers, less popular Instagram-bloggers can also take advantage of IGTV with their content limited to 10 minutes. This gives enough time for the influencers and brands presented on the social media to deepen their engagement with the audience and increase the time spent on their platform.

Surveys show that users prefer watching videos to reading long blog posts from their favorite brands. And though you are surely welcome to spend an extra dime on production, you don’t really have to worry about the quality of your visual content anymore. How to use IGTV for brands? Take a cue from Netflix that went on IGTV to stream a 60-minute video of actor Cole Sprouse doing nothing other than eating a burger. Believe it or not, the hour-long star lunch has brought in more than 600,000 views and blew up the comments section. Which only proves that Instagram crowd likes their content fun and raw.

How is an IGTV channel differ from YouTube?

So you have a successful YouTube channel, why invest in IGTV? Unlike YouTube, the Instagram app plays vertical videos instead of traditional landscape ones, so the viewers don’t even need to turn their phones to enjoy it. Another benefit of IGTV is that you don’t need to start from scratch. Your Instagram followers will automatically be subscribed to your IGTV channel making the transition effortless. Plus, the viewing begins as soon as a user opens the app which increases your chances to be seen.

What about IGTV monetization?

The founders are not yet clear on how they are planning to monetize the new app. However, any businessman knows: the more exposure your brand gets, the better. And that is what IGTV can help you with. Setting up an IGTV channel is as easy as 1-2-3, and it is absolutely free. All you need to do is engage the popular influencers and get them to showcase your brand on IGTV for a whole hour. Low production expenses – high revenue. The app also allows you to include a clickable link in the description and a swipe-up link in the video itself which are more than enough to drive sales.

Our final word of advice to you is to let your audience get to know your brand a little more and show off your creative side. Post behind-the-scenes videos, tutorials, promos, product demonstrations, reviews, and fun event reports.