The question is a tricky one because, while advances in technology have the ability to make corporate videos better, reliance on that technology has resulted in a decline in content quality.

Not that long ago, access to technology was a game-changer in the corporate video field. Only corporations with big budgets could afford the expensive technology that gave a video a high-end feel. Businesses with lower budgets were limited by those budgets, which meant that they could not tell the same range of stories the bigger businesses could tell. Sometimes, it meant that they could not tell the stories that they wanted to tell, but had to change their messages in order to meld with the technology that they could afford. This meant that higher budgets meant the potential for better corporate videography.

However, even back when access to higher technology was limited to big-budget corporations, it is important to keep in mind that technology has always only been one component of the video production process. Technology is a tool that good storytellers can use to tell their stories, but it has never been a substitute for a good story. While not a commercial example, you are undoubtedly familiar with the Star Wars series of films. Many fans believe the original trilogy offers the best films in the group, despite the fact that the three prequel films used much more sophisticated technology. The level of content has always been a primary driver of a video’s quality. On the other hand, one need only sit down and watch the original Jurassic Park film to see how the combination of state-of-the-art technology and a good story can make a film transcend its genre.

While corporate videos are not generally going to approach the size and complexity of a feature film, they are subject to the same general rules as other video productions. These rules suggest that access to tech can really help a good storyteller develop and elaborate a story, but that it cannot substitute for a good foundation.

Within the context of corporate videos, almost every corporate video production company and many small businesses or individuals are going to have access to the type of technology that can give videos the best look. In fact, because this technology has become ubiquitous, consumers expect a certain standard of technical perfection. However, while the two are often confused, having access to technology is not the same thing as having expertise in technology. Moreover, because consumers have come to expect a certain standard of technical perfection, they are unwilling to trade a high-quality message for that technological perfection. The consumers of corporate videos expect high tech and quality content; you should, too.

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