Marketing your Legal Practice with Video has many outstanding features and benefits

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s true a video must be worth 1 million!

From automating your sales presentation to professional production techniques to getting on a personal level with your prospects, you’ll find that video is the media of choice for growing your legal practice to the next level and beyond. As a matter of fact, there are so many features and benefits to using attorney video marketing to grow your legal practice that we’re hard-pressed to write about them all in one report such as this so we’ll focus on the top three advantages of video for attorneys as we see them.

Just set it and forget it! The first advantage of making a video to market your legal practice is that you do the work once, and your video takes it from there. Your video does the hard work of selling you and your services to prospective clients over and again. These prospective buyers found your video by doing a Google or a YouTube search. I recently saw a Youtube video of a lawyer that had gotten over 7000 views in less than 3 years! That’s a lot of sales presentations. You could never make one-tenth of that many sales presentations if you did not automate the sales process with video. And not only will have a video of your service do all the selling for you, but it will also help find clients as your video is optimized for the appropriate keywords and tags. This will help your video to get indexed by Google and other search engines.
Another way to promote your video is to include a link in the auto-signature of the emails that you and your employees send.

But now for a word of caution, a cheap, unprofessional video will do more harm than good and that’s where we as the professional video production company comes in!

At, we manage every detail from start to finish producing your legal practice marketing video. We work with you on the scripting and we publish your video on the internet. You will have a competitive advantage over other local attorneys by making the investment of time and money to hire a professional video company to produce your video. We’ll show you how to put your best foot forward for a slam dunk professional legal practice marketing video presentation. We’ll put you in the perfect tailored suit, polished shoes, pressed pinpoint cotton shirt, stylish belt and contemporary tie, a fresh haircut, and maybe a dental visit for cleaning and whitening.  A little theatrical makeup will pull your look together. Your look will inspire the trust and confidence that you are a seasoned professional that attends to every detail.

Just take a look at our Profile Videos for Attorneys here:

The stage is set with you sitting behind a perfectly organized mahogany desk in front of a fully-stocked leather-bound book bookcase and a credenza behind you full of family pictures. All this videoed using the perfect lighting and most flattering camera angles. we’ll use a professional sound system to make you sound aggressive, experienced, and authoritative and all in all your message will be heard loud and clear.

Finally, you are the star of the video. You will be looking and speaking directly into the camera just like you were looking into the eyes and speaking to your prospective client face-to-face. You’ll speak about every aspect of your practice, including details that you’d often forget to mention in an initial meeting with a prospective client. You’ll discuss your passion for the law, where you were educated, the types of law you practice, and how well you treat your clients.  You can explain the prompt service you offer and how they can get right to you when they make a call. All while demonstrating the utmost in competence and professionalism. You’ll leave no stone unturned as we’ll include footage of you in your best suit litigating in court, and with your sleeves rolled up in a meeting with happy, smiling, satisfied clients in your office.

A professionally produced video listed on YouTube and Google is an opportunity for you to get face to face with thousands of prospective clients that you never would have found had it not been for this video. Your video will be selling to the client after the client, day after day, without you doing one further bit of work! It is by far the smartest, most effective form of marketing you can do and demonstrates your professionalism and commitment to the practice of law.

For more information or to set up an appointment, give Bernard or Shanna Bonomo a call today at 305-914-7030 or email us at hello@bonomotion. You can also click through to our white paper for more details on marketing your legal practice with video here.