In the ever-changing technological landscape of today, video live-streaming has become a key aspect of any successful business’ marketing strategy. From growing your audience to reducing costs to increasing audience interaction, the choice to invest in live-streaming for your company is a no-brainer. But of course, not all live-streaming video production companies are created equal.

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Whether you’re looking to live-stream a corporate event, conference, concert, or more, Bonomotion is the leader in the Miami / South Florida area and we are still providing our top-notch live-streaming and webcasting production services amidst the pandemic. Bonomotion ensures the absolute highest quality video live-streaming content due to our extensive experience and track record of being the #1 video production company in Miami.

The Secret to Success: Live-Streaming During the Pandemic

Live-streaming is always a good idea if you want to expand your business’ reach, but now more than ever during the ongoing pandemic, is the most crucial time to add this technology to your marketing portfolio.

We all need to stay safe. And your business still needs to reach its target audience – and fast!  Live-streaming is the perfect solution. We are so confident in our technical proficiency that we guarantee you’ll only get the utmost highest quality video streams ready for Facebook, Instagram Live, YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, or whatever other platform you prefer.

Grow Your Audience

The internet is a massive place with infinite loads of untapped potential and a never-ending possible market of customers for your business. Live-streaming a Miami event opens up a world of possibilities that otherwise would have never been there. Consumers that may have otherwise never heard of your brand or experienced your events can easily tune in and interact with your event whether it’s a Q&A session, an announcement, forum, conference, corporate event, or more.

Increase Audience Interaction and Intimacy

Often times, live-streamed events can be much more intimate and engaging than massive live events which are also much more expensive and complicated to produce. Imagine how much more cost-efficient it would be to set up a live-stream Q&A with your company’s founder for an online audience of 1,000 people from all around the world than to have to figure out the complicated logistics of a non-streamed in-person event with far less audience reach. The experience of your live-streamed event will end up feeling much more intimate and allow the consumer to easily humanize your brand, connecting deeper with your company’s story and brand ethos. It’s also never been easier to engage with a large audience than on a live-stream. With chat functions, Q&A, etc. anyone who wants to participate can – without disrupting your control over the flow and narrative of your event.

Create More Revenue for Your Business

In order to make this valuable additional investment into your business’s marketing strategy, you obviously want to make more revenue as a result to the added exposure. There are various highly effective ways to do this. You can partner with advertising sponsors without disrupting the flow or overall consumer experience of the event. You can also charge a small participation fee to take part in the live-streamed event. It has actually been proven that charging a small fee creates a higher perceived value for the content of your event and will end up attracting a larger, more invested audience.

Post-Stream Marketing Opportunities

Once your live-streamed event is over, recorded, and uploaded to all your preferred media channels, your reach and overall audience impressions will continue to grow and generate more revenue and consistently grow your business. For example, if you did a product tutorial, posting your high-quality recorded live-stream on Youtube will provide potential consumers even more opportunities to become informed and aware of your product’s value from anywhere in the world. It’s not uncommon for a live-stream from years ago to continue making an impact and impressions every day. Why miss the golden opportunity? Get the most mileage out of your events, conferences, corporate events etc. by live-streaming with Bonomotion!

Grow Your Social Media Presence

Both during your live-streamed event and afterward, encourage your customers to engage with the event by sharing, liking, retweeting, reposting, asking questions etc. across all of your social media platforms. Having the added online presence of all your live-streamed events will only grow your brand’s global presence and footprint so your business continues to grow in size, scope, and success. The more events you live-stream, the more content you will have on the internet for your customers to interact with and spread the word about your amazing company!

Multi-Platform Streaming

One of the many reasons Bonomotion is the #1 video production company in the South Florida / Miami area that provides live-streaming services is that we send out our live-stream feed to your customers’ devices using a multi-bitrate stream. This ensures that the streamed content is compatible with any kind of device (Android, iPhone, PC, Mac, chromebook etc.) – without sacrificing any quality.

The Most Experience in the Industry

Not all video production companies in the Miami area are equipped to deliver the high caliber level of live-streaming that we consistently do. We have been providing the leading quality live-streaming services in Miami since the technology’s inception. So don’t take a chance on someone who’s just getting their feet wet. By nature of the technology, if there are technical difficulties during the live-stream, the content is simply lost and your audience won’t be able to experience your event video as it’s intended. Don’t take this unnecessary chance. Go with Bonomotion, the Miami industry leader!

The Bottom Line

With the expansive nature of the internet an ever-present reality in our lives, there are no excuses to miss out on the paradigm-shattering technology of live-streaming video technology. It will easily expand your business’ possibilities and bring your brand’s success to the next level. Bonomotion is the unparalleled #1 video content producer and live-streamer in the South Florida and Miami area, and we’d love to help you take the next step in revolutionizing your brand’s marketing potential. Contact us for a free quote today!