The principles of corporate video production and marketing

The advent of online marketing has brought many changes in the way business owners advertise and promote themselves, making it possible even for those with small budgets to increase their exposure. Now more than ever, possibilities are endless and you can choose a strategy that not only works but also that matches your corporate goals and culture. There are many ways in which you can grow your business online, but corporate video production is widely regarded as the most effective ones. If you are not familiar with this form of marketing and don’t know just how great the power of video can be, then it’s time to learn a few essential aspects about the principles of video marketing.

Increase conversion in record time

Getting people to visit your site is the first step. But what happens after they’ve landed there? How do you convert them from simple visitors to paying customers? Your strategy has to be very powerful and you need to be convincing. A long block of text explaining the benefits of your company is an option, but, unfortunately, today’s Internet users are always in a hurry and rarely have the time and patience to read everything. A video, however, would be much more effective, because it can explain in a few seconds something that would normally require several hundred words. In fact, the chances of converting visitors to customers can be as high as 80%. However, one thing you should remember is to avoid autoplay. Videos that start automatically can be very annoying and invasive and most people usually close tabs that play sound.

Engage visitors using creative ideas

The more creative you are, the more chances you have to reach out to people and encourage them to try your products. It’s up to you whether you choose whiteboard animation or another style, but, in general, it has been proven that people are more likely to respond to the presence of people in videos because these videos are more relatable. For example, you could post a video of your employees talking about what they do or maybe an interview with the CEO. Online interaction can sometimes seem cold and impersonal and by adding the human element to your video you can bring visitors closer to you.

Mobile friendliness

As mentioned previously, modern-day Internet users are always in a hurry and don’t have the patience to read website text for more than a few seconds, especially when they’re browsing from a mobile. However, videos are much easier to consume on a phone and you won’t be restricted by the small screen size. Do not neglect mobile users, because their number is increased and you need to adapt your marketing strategies in such a way as to impact all groups of visitors.

Choosing the right approach and creating quality, effective video marketing solutions can be difficult. To make your job easier, work with a professional video production company. They know what needs to be done in order to engage visitors and increase conversion.

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