Video marketing can be a very intimidating concept for companies and individuals who have not yet ventured into that arena. Several factors can make it seem intimidating: perceived cost, the difficulty of producing a video, and ensuring that your videos find an audience. This has led many companies to opt-out of video marketing and stick to more traditional methods of marketing. Unfortunately, making that choice means missing out on potential customers because video marketing is the wave of the future. Fortunately, video marketing is also much easier than many people imagine.

The first perceived difficulty is cost. Many people think that a high-quality video marketing campaign is out of reach for small or mid-sized businesses. However, in the Miami area, small businesses have Bonomotion, a high-quality corporate video firm that provides a wide range of marketing videos in all price points. We can help you design a video marketing campaign that fits within your budget, without sacrificing the high quality and customer service that is the foundation of our industry reputation.

The second perceived difficulty is that making a video is hard. People think that they need to be actors to make a successful marketing video and that, if they are not, the resulting video is going to feel wooden or staged. At Bonomotion, we help you accent your strengths, and can develop marketing campaigns that use any natural spokespeople you may already have in your organization or take a more organic approach and focus on day-to-day operations in the organization. Of course, if you need to find actors to fill roles in scripted marketing, we can help you find the high-quality talent you want representing your company.

The third perceived difficulty is about finding a market. Many people worry that video marketing is redundant, because if a person has found the video, then they have found the rest of the website and can access information directly from the website. While this is true, there is a fundamental flaw at the root of that reasoning: confusing can with a will. The reality is that there is an entire generation of consumers that have become accustomed to having their information fed to them in digestible video chunks. We’ll call it the YouTube generation, though the social media giant is only partially responsible for the phenomenon. For these consumers, having access to information in video format makes it far more likely for them to get the information. Moreover, if the information is available in video format, it can be shared more easily. Internet users frequently share videos but are far less likely to share the same information contained in a video if it is in a text-only format.

At Bonomotion, we provide excellent Miami Video Production services for all your needs. When you need video production services in South Florida do not hesitate to call us at 305-903-5844 or visit our contact page and let us know your vision and business needs, since your vision is only the beginning.