In this day and age, property videos are a must-have for any Realtor’s high-value listings. Real Estate Video Marketing Services can help buyers connect with a property in a more personal way, through enthralling virtual tours of prospective homes and communities. Implementing this type of digital marketing can update your website, communicating quality and relevance in this fast-paced digital age. Instead of boring, static photos, live video provides better visual enhancement proven to increase property value in the eyes of the clients.

Research shows that the use of an online video tour in marketing real estate property increased the perceived value of a home by 6%. Furthermore, users in a recent online survey remarked that they would be more likely to be interested in and visit homes on the market that had online video of the listing. Finally, the data also indicated that persons who viewed a video of a property felt certain urgency in considering the property because of its likeliness to be sold much faster than other similar homes. As these findings indicate, the use of video production to market a property is essential to realtors who hope to make quick work of selling or leasing their listings.

At BONOMOTION, we recognize video production to be the best marketing technique for increasing visibility and offering great benefits to the client as well as the agent. For this reason, we keep up with the changing technologies of online marketing and utilize only the latest state-of-the-art equipment for any project. Our creative team works tirelessly to help clients stand out and achieve better results on the web, while utilizing their vast experience to establish a powerful video marketing presence that will optimize and ignite your real estate brand online.
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