They say that each minute of a video can substitute 2 million words. Even though this sounds too unrealistic, a great video can truly be the most effective and powerful means of communication. With the growth of technology and a fast-paced lifestyle, nobody has enough time to read much about a company or its products. Knowing this, it’s possible to say that the most effective marketing tool is also quality promo videos. They are versatile and can influence a larger audience. Below are a few reasons why every company should consider developing strategies for video marketing.

1. SEO Optimization

Integrating videos in your marketing strategies visibly increases your chances of ranking higher in search engines. Reportedly, a video embedded website is 50 times more likely to appear in the first 10 search results on Google. Videos along with appropriate keywords can rank your content higher than any other conventional SEO method.

2. Increase Brand Awareness

With everything going online, the most effective way of spreading a word about your brand is video marketing.

A creative video will help your product stand out in a flood of similar offerings. A big advantage of video marketing is that it easily connects with a target audience and is known to boost brand awareness by 50%. However, companies must realize the importance of developing the most innovative video that grabs the audience’s attention while matching their needs, tastes, and mood. Making a video is easy; making a great video on the other hand with all these ingredients is definitely an interesting challenge.

3. Develop a Brand Personality

With many companies offering similar products, it is mandatory for a business to have its special features and personality.
The best way to develop a distinctive personality of your brand in a consumer’s mind is video marketing. People tend to retain visual information more than any other. This can aid in creating a particular image of the company and its products. The brand automatically will get higher chances to stand out among its competitors.

Video in your Marketing - Bonomotion

4. Increase the Number of Clicks and Conversion Rate

Statistically, video marketing can increase conversion rates by as much as 60%. Promotional emails that contain videos are known to have a higher click rate than those that don’t. These videos don’t always need to have extravagant content and a simple yet strong message can do the job.
Apart from increasing click rates, video marketing also facilitates in converting clicks into purchases. Around 75% of consumers claimed to have been convinced to purchase a product by just watching a video that was attractive enough to convert a click into a transaction.

5. Versatile Use

The most fascinating aspect of video marketing is the freedom it gives to a company. Videos today aren’t just restricted to recording a single frame but can do a lot more. For example, a company can record their office in a 360 degrees view for a corporate video to appear more attractive to its prospective (and existing) employees and clients.
It is fair to say that video marketing is the future of all promotional practices, and with the constant development of information technology and communication means, it will only go further. Therefore, every company must invest in video marketing to ensure it retains its market presence and valuable customers.