How can stock footage help you?

With the recent launch of our exclusive new South Florida stock-footage library  we felt this would be a helpful post to share about Why and How you can start using stock-videos to grow your business today.

Did you know that by 2017 almost three quarters of online traffic will be video-based? The trend towards watching videos online means that businesses and individuals can benefit from using videos and stock footage can help them to create content that their intended audience will want to share with others.

There are plenty of reasons to make a video using stock footage or to blend curated footage with your own clips to produce a video that is perfect for showing off your message. Whether you want to create a personal video or a marketing campaign for your business, stock footage can meet your needs.

CONVENIENCE  – Filming a variety of different shots for a marketing video takes considerable time and sometimes there will be things out of your control that can lead to delays, such as the weather. Using stock footage is convenient, it means you won’t have to worry about setting up production, undertaking the actual filming and then editing every single shot. If you’re operating with tight deadlines stock footage is a perfect solution for these reasons too.

BUDGET FRIENDLY – If you’re only planning on shooting a short video, stock footage can save you a huge amount of money. The cost of hiring a production house and other associated outgoings you may come across, such as needing to hire certain locations or specialist equipment, means that expenses can quickly add up. Stock footage means you just select the raw footage that you need without having to worry that costs will spiral.

REACH NEW PLACES – Even if you plan to use some of your own footage there may be some shots that you can’t get due to restrictions, such as the equipment you have available. Stock footage means that you can include that picture perfect panoramic view of a city or get a sweeping shot of the beach from a bird’s eye view in your video.

SHOWCASE YOUR LOCAL AREA – Whether you’re an individual or business showing off your local area can really enhance your video. Stock footage can give you access to a huge range of shots in your city or other areas, such as parks or beaches. Small businesses in particular can benefit from including local stock footage and use it to show that they are part of the community and ensure that customers know where they’re based.

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