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We are excited to offer a premier video studio rental in Miami’s design district. Our partnership with MM Collective allows us to provide you with access to a cutting-edge facility, fully stocked with all the necessary equipment for any level of photo or video production.

Our state-of-the-art studio spans an impressive 7,000 sq/ft and includes a 4,000 sq/ft sound-treated Cyclorama Space. Additionally, our Motion Controlled Cinema Robot (Bolt Jr+) paired with the Phantom Flex High-Speed Camera system opens up endless possibilities for dynamic camera angles and captivating shots.

Whether you are producing a commercial, shooting a music video, or planning a creative project, our studio is your ultimate canvas for innovation and excellence. With top-tier technology and a dedicated team of professionals, we ensure your vision is brought to life with ease and precision

Bonomotion x MM Collective Studio

Video Studio Rental in Miami, Bonomotion Collaboration with MM Collective Studio
Bonomotion Collaboration with MM Collective Studio

At Bonomotion, we are thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with MM Collective Studio to offer unparalleled Video Studio Rental services in Miami. This collaboration ensures that our clients receive access to the best studio equipment available.

By merging our expertise with MM Collective Studio’s state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology, we provide a seamless experience for all your video production needs. From high-quality cameras to versatile lighting solutions, our combined resources empower you to bring your creative visions to life with unmatched precision and professionalism.

Our Video Studio Rental in Miami

Bonomotion Video Studio in Miami
Bonomotion Video Studio in Miami

Our state-of-the-art facility, conveniently located in the vibrant Brickell area, offers everything you need to bring your creative visions to life. Whether you’re working on a corporate video, a music video, a trade show feature, or a special event, our studio is designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

Expansive and Versatile Space

Our video studio boasts an impressive 7,000 square feet of total space, with a 4,000 square foot sound-treated cyclorama area. This expansive space is perfect for a wide range of productions, providing the versatility you need for different set designs and shooting requirements. The sound treatment ensures optimal audio quality, making it an ideal choice for projects that demand clear and pristine sound.

Comfortable Client Amenities

We understand that a comfortable environment can greatly enhance productivity and creativity. Our client loft lounge offers panoramic views, providing a relaxing space for you and your team to unwind between shoots. Additionally, our modern conference room can accommodate up to 10 people, making it perfect for brainstorming sessions, meetings, and client reviews.

High-End Production Equipment

To ensure that you have everything you need for seamless production, we offer a full range of production equipment rentals. From cameras and lighting to audio gear and grips, our equipment is meticulously maintained and regularly updated to meet industry standards. High-speed wireless internet and a stereo system are also available to support your production needs.

Makeup & Styling Areas

Our large makeup and styling areas feature five stations, providing ample room for your talent to get ready. With dedicated spaces for makeup artists and stylists, you can ensure that everyone looks their best on camera. These areas are designed to streamline the preparation process, making it easier for you to stick to your shooting schedule.

Studio Lounge and Kitchen

Our studio lounge and full kitchen area offer a convenient space for your cast and crew to relax and recharge. The lounge is perfect for taking a break, while the kitchen allows you to prepare meals and snacks without having to leave the facility. This ensures that everyone stays energized and focused throughout the day.

Convenient Location

Our Miami studio is strategically located for easy access to various popular areas, including the Airport, Design District, Wynwood, South Beach, and Brickell. This central location makes it convenient for local and out-of-town clients, providing direct routes to and from the studio.

Ample Parking and Accessible Loading

We provide ample private parking for clients and crew, ensuring that everyone has a hassle-free experience when arriving at or departing from the studio. Our 14ft x 12ft roll-up bay door allows you to drive cars directly into the studio, making it easier to bring in large props or set pieces.

Comprehensive Production Support & Gear

Bonomotion Prouction Support and Gear
Bonomotion Prouction Support and Gear

Are you looking for a top-notch video studio rental with extensive production support and gear? Our Miami-based facility offers everything you need for a seamless and creative video production process. Whether it’s for a music video shoot, a film shoot, or any other video project, we’ve got you covered.

Comprehensive Production Support

We provide a full range of production support to bring your creative vision to life. Our experienced team includes producers, directors, and production assistants who are ready to assist you every step of the way. From pre-production planning to the final wrap, our skilled professionals ensure your project runs smoothly.

High-Quality Production Equipment

Our video production studio is equipped with state-of-the-art gear to meet all your filming needs. We offer DSLR production as well as advanced camera packages like the RED EPIC / DRAGON and ARRI ALEXA Cinema. With our Ronin Camera Stabilizer and various lenses, you can capture stunning visuals with ease.

Specialized Crew and Talent

To enhance your video shoots, we have a roster of top talent and on-camera personalities. Our multi-lingual voice-over artists can add the perfect narration to your videos. Additionally, we have award-winning scriptwriters who can craft compelling scripts tailored to your project’s requirements.

Advanced Post-Production Services

Our production support extends beyond filming to include comprehensive post-production services. Our digital non-linear editors specialize in video editing, VFX, 3D animation, and graphic design. We also offer original music composition and professional digital photography to complete your project with a polished finish.

We understand that finding a suitable video studio with ample space and high-quality equipment is crucial for your project’s success. That’s why our Miami facility offers the perfect studio space with all the amenities you need for an outstanding video shoot.

Unmatched Video Studio Rental Services in Miami

Looking to create stunning music videos, engaging content, or professional film and photo shoots? Our video studio in Miami is the ideal choice. With our expert guidance and modern amenities, we ensure every element of your project is meticulously captured, crafted, and polished.

Unlike most video studios in Miami, our studio rentals feature the latest visual technology, including our impressive Cyclorama (CYC) walls. These expansive, curved walls provide a seamless backdrop that enhances creativity and innovation, setting the perfect stage for your production needs. Whether you’re shooting music videos, embarking on intricate film shoots, or organizing a professional photo shoot, our facilities cater to all your requirements.

Choose the best for your next project. Our Miami video studios deliver exceptional quality and support, ensuring your artistic vision comes to life in the most compelling way. Experience unparalleled service with our premier video studio rental today.

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