How to take a closer look at a vessel without crossing thousands of miles

A yacht is not only a luxury vessel that allows you to get away from the routine stresses sailing off into the glorious sunset whenever you want. It is more like an ultimate symbol representing your financial success, opulence, and the heights you’ve managed to reach. Given that, the well-to-do people pour themselves into choosing the perfect yacht out of hundreds available for sale. In most cases, they use online listings and have to rely only on a few photos when making such a tough decision. But what if there was a way to take a closer look at a vessel without crossing thousands of miles to get to where it has been anchored? This is when the rich may want to take advantage of luxury yacht videos.

Top 3 reasons why yacht video production is on the rise

It covers all angles

Professionally made mega yacht videos provide a far more detailed overview than photos do. They allow prospective buyers to check out a luxury boat from different perspectives even if it’s on the way. Unlike the pictures showing tied-up vessels, videos can showcase a yacht cutting through white-crested waves against the background of the vast ocean. Judge for yourself – would you rather look through bazillion photos or watch an engaging video and immerse yourself into the atmosphere of sailing before you make that decision? It’s as clear as day! That is the way the wealthy think.

It saves time

There is hardly anything that the rich value more than their time. And mega yachts videos are made to help them save it. Discovering the grandeur of a vessel in a 5-minute video is all they need to find out whether they are going to buy it or not.

It increases the number of leads

It is a video that encourages potential buyers to stay on a webpage but not a plethora of photos. On average, yacht listings with video content are estimated to drive 80% more traffic. As a result, this allows you to reach a huge number of people and deliver your message to those who are supposed to receive it.

Showcasing luxury yachts on YouTube

How to use YouTube to advertise your yacht?

When it comes to choosing the best video promotional tool, YouTube is the first thing that springs to mind. Over the last years, this platform has evolved from simple compilations of funny videos to one of the most powerful marketing media. Nowadays, YouTube accounts for billions of views and catches the eyes of people from all walks of life, including the upper crust.

Yes, the well-off use YouTube too. And it’s not only about how-to-sail-a-yacht videos. They use the platform to find a vessel that they will fall in love with. So, there will never be a better time to pique their interest in engaging and spectacular yacht videos.

Watch this video to find out more about the potential of YouTube as a promotional tool. And be sure to take advantage of Bonomotion video production services to make your listings complete!