Videos are becoming a more and more popular marketing tool over time. A luxury yacht video can help you stir the imagination of prospective clients setting your business on the road to success and flourish. What is more, it can also serve as a powerful incentive to achieving your own goals and dreams pushing you towards a more luxurious way of life. These days, the yacht market is being revolutionized by quality commercial and lifestyle videos. Not only do they boost sales but also attract more attention to yachting as an integral part of the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

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Top 3 reasons to make a yacht video

1. An easy way to reach more people

Body language and verbal tone play a great role in conveying any message. It is with their help that the viewers are able to determine the connotation of the spoken words. Whereas, a text as a means of passing information relies strictly on words, punctuation and visual features like emoticons to establish just the right tone. Recent research has shown that a 1-minute video can replace 1.8 million of words. As a matter of fact, most people prefer watching videos over reading as it is much more comprehensible and saves time. Experienced yacht video makers know that the first 40 seconds are the most important – it is when viewers decide whether they want to watch the video till the end or close it. The initial 10 seconds are meant to engage the viewers and the next 30 seconds – to capture their interest and keep them watching. So it is very important that the first minute of the video contains a brief summary of the content to intrigue the viewers.

2. Less words and more action

Videos easily beat pictures by content richness. Watching one video gives a viewer more information than a thousand pictures. Visual aids with audio deliver the message much faster than text. In addition, yachts just look better in motion! And nothing sells these big water toys better than luxurious interior design, deep blue ocean, exotic locations, and beautiful women. Unlike printed advertisements, videos have practically no restrictions. The sky is the limit. Also, when it comes to pictures and photos, the size and location is everything. Whereas, videos are more flexible and sharable. A well-crafted, creative video can easily go viral in a matter of hours making your profit go through the roof.

3. Targeting the biggest audience

There is no doubt that the number of smartphone users is increasing exponentially day by day. It directly effects the number of online video viewers. Making a yacht video and uploading it on one of the online video platforms such as YouTube that boasts an extremely high number of views per minute is an effective way to reach new clients and turn the existing ones into loyal customers.

There are a lot more reasons to make a yacht video. However, these three are already enough to include it into your marketing strategy. We guarantee: a high-quality luxury yacht video can put your business on the next level, boost your sales, and make potential customers line up at your door!

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