A virtual tour is a first-person simulation of an existing location. It allows you to move through the location by viewing a series of 360-degree images. Usually, a 360 virtual boat tour is composed of a sequence of videos or still pictures. It may also include other multimedia elements like photos, sound effects, music, and the line goes on.

As practice shows, the best way to market a boat is through a virtual tour. As soon as clients get onboard a luxury yacht, there is this feeling of amusement that comes along. What a virtual boat tour does is brings these same emotions to potential clients even without getting onboard. A virtual boat tour is the only way to give your clients a realistic picture of the boat interior. Clients are more inspired by what they see rather than what they hear.

360 degree camera - Bonomotion

Below are the main reasons why you need a virtual boat tour:

Getting the сomplete picture

A virtual boat tour allows you to give your clients a complete picture of the boat interior. A client that wants to come onboard and already knows what the layout of the boat is can easily book a cabin that would suit his purpose on the boat. By applying Matterport 3d virtual tours technology, the client feels more invested in the interaction and takes the next step in the boat booking or purchase.

Interactive design

A virtual boat tour provides clients with the opportunity to examine a graphic automated atmosphere of the boat. It allows prospects to look around a boat or yacht from anywhere at any time of day. Potential clients can look up, down, right, and left. They can even zoom in and out, just like they were standing inside the boat. That’s what makes the 360 virtual boat tour so great — round-the-clock access. By applying virtual tour technology, you can efficiently communicate to your potential clients the surroundings, layout, and high quality of your business in a relaxed no-pressure manner.

360 virtual boat tour - Yacht interior

Create an instant sense of ownership

Creating a sense of ownership for a clear business vision is very important towards finalizing the real thing. A virtual boat tour provides clients with a sense of liberty and exclusive relation. Remember, the more time and energy you devote to creating your virtual boat tour, the more chances that clients will fall in love with it and wish to contact you to make inquiries.

They are extremely versatile

Although the virtual boat tour might seem like an exceedingly time consuming and costly marketing idea, it can also be related to sending a wide range of materials by email. Virtual boat tours are not limited to strict authenticity. A virtual boat tour also allows you to show the customers a completely furnished interior, making it way easier for them to picture themselves inside the boat.

Help Your Business Stand Out

Virtual boat tours have been shown to captivate more clients and breed more benefits than texts and static images. Consider incorporating virtual boat tours into your marketing plan, and this will, in turn, give you the upper hand in the competitive market.