Over the past years, videos have become a powerful medium for branding and spreading messages. The most influential brands in the world use videos successfully for selling and promotions.

Businesses use corporate event interviews, animation, ads, product launches, and live stream events. Videos are also an excellent way to capture once-in-a-lifetime events.

But to create compelling and effective videos, there has to be proper equipment and application of videography techniques. The content needs a good script and video transitions to tell a story.

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It takes talent and experience from many events to create effective and high-quality material. This is something Bonomotion event video production has been doing since 2003.

You can check out how we make the best animation, live stream events, entertainment, and business videos.

What Does An Event Video Production Company Do?

Businesses hire event video production companies because video creation and event marketing are a lot of work and take time. Instead of building an in-house production team, outsourcing is the most economical and practical way to produce marketing materials, especially for major marketing campaigns.

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An event video production agency will handle every aspect of video creation, and you will only need to provide them with information on the project goals. It is less stressful with quality end results.

Here are some of the reasons why hiring an event video production agency is the best option:

1. High-Quality Professional Event Videos

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Technology has made it very easy for anyone to capture videos, even with only mobile devices, but this isn’t enough. The real challenge for event video producers is to create high-quality videos that compel audiences to react and engage.

When you hire an event video agency, you are sure to get high-quality material that audiences want to watch because it’s pleasing to the eyes. A full-service video production agency like Bonomotion Video Agency produces high-quality marketing videos that audiences will love.

Whether it’s a live show, trade show, interviews, commercial shoots, marketing for non-profits, Bonomotion has a versatile team that can do it all.

2. Complete Videography Equipment

Successful businesses don’t usually have an in-house video production team because equipment and workforce are costly to maintain. Instead, they hire an experienced event video production agency to produce videos for them.

Hiring a video production team means there is no need to purchase costly events video and media equipment and paraphernalia.

A full-service video production comes fully equipped with state-of-the-art cameras, tripods, lighting kits, microphones, and even an OB van for real-time editing of live event videos.


3. Attract More Audiences

There are about 248.9 million digital video viewers in the U.S. alone, according to Statista. Businesses are clamoring to get a share of that viewership and are now finding more ways to create more and better video material for their event video production, interviews, product launches, and trade show.

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Today, videos have become the most effective marketing strategy that receives more engagement than other marketing tools. But audiences are picky, and they only watch and engage in high-quality events videos.

You should hire an event video production agency to create videos that can attract more audiences.

4. Better Marketing Strategy

If you want compelling videos suitable for your target audience, Bonomotion live event video agency has extensive knowledge in creating the right video marketing strategy for a successful campaign. You can check out our testimonials and how we work behind the scenes.

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If you don’t know how to effectively do event marketing for your videos, hiring an event video production agency can help in marketing videos and developing an effective campaign. They are knowledgeable in many events and can include what they know to make your video more marketable.

5. Skilled and Professional

It is easy to make the mistake of hiring amateur event video creators just because they can work with a camera and do events video edits. In reality, expertise in the video production industry takes years of handling video equipment and experience with various types of projects.

When you hire a video production team, you usually get the whole package—a director, producers, videographers, audio-video technicians, and even scriptwriters and voice-over talents. They have experienced and skilled team members to take care of every aspect of events and video production.

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6. Original Material

If you are planning to launch a huge marketing campaign, a trade show, or business events, creating high-quality and original event video, graphics, and audio materials is crucial. You may have to create materials in various formats for social media, television, websites, and live event videos.

Production teams are a highly creative group of individuals that will never run out of inspiring ideas to create original material. You can always tap into their creative minds to help your business come up with original material for live event and trade show requirements.

7. Save Time and Effort

Production is a lengthy process that starts from conceptualization and ends in master editing. Creating media and event video material can take weeks. Thus, hiring an event video production team for your corporate event will be more economical, moneywise, and timewise.

Event video production teams are experts in this field and can do production work faster.

8. Updated On Event Production Trends


There are video creation trends that make it more timely and appealing to audiences. This trend has something to do with editing, directing, setting the mood, color toning, clip transitions, and other technical aspects of event creative video production.

Hiring a video production agency means that they will apply these trends in creating and developing your video material. You’re sure to get an original video that meets the current audience standards, making it more marketable and appealing to target audiences.

How To Find The Right Live Event Video Production Team

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The right event video production agency will not just produce videos for you; they will also be engaged in making your event videos as marketable as possible.

You should find a highly creative team with extensive experience, carries state-of-the-art equipment, communicates constantly, and are versatile in creating event videos.

Here are some of the things you should consider when hiring your creative team:

  • Check their project portfolio
  • Who are their past clients?
  • Do they have live event video experience?
  • Read online reviews about the firm
  • Check if their portfolio aligns with your project goals
  • What types of material, trade show, and live event video do they produce?
  • Request quotes for materials creation, live event, corporate event, trade show, and other services

One of the main reasons businesses hesitate to hire video producers for event production is the fear of getting bad results. The considerations listed above are crucial to ensure your business won’t spend on an events production firm that can’t deliver the project requirements.


A good agency will ask the right questions, such as who your target audiences are and the marketing goals for your event video. They will provide you with a professional proposal and a quote. All transactions will be on paper, and they will be prompt in answering your calls and events questions.

You will know you have the right video firm if you feel the creative energy among the production members. They will be excited to develop various ideas for your video content.

Graphical creation is not just a job but a passion accompanied by skill. Be prepared to work with fun and highly creative events people.

Ready to hire your next live event production? Talk to our Bonomotion producers today and find out what type of live event video is suitable for your business, trade shows, social and business events.

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