BeanoVision has long been recognized as one of the most innovation and dynamic Miami Beach Video Production companies in the industry. For over a decade, our highly-trained and well-equipped team has offered a video variety of video production services, including corporate and business video services, YouTube videos, TV commercials, real estate video tours, even coverage, and much more.

We’re passionate about video production because we know how vital it is in today’s fast-paced economic environment. Things like video and internet marketing can make or break a business’s success, which is why all the biggest and most prosperous companies have embraced them. Here are just four reasons why no modern company or entrepreneur can afford to ignore video production.

Fast Internet Access
Close to 2.5 billion people, roughly 35% of the world’s population, are regular internet users, and the overall number of high-speed internet users connecting online via broadband from home has already reached an all-time high of 68.3%. There’s an unprecedented number of new internet users access ever-faster connections, which means you have a large and latent market to appeal to.

Video Is More Influential
Compared to print, radio, or billboard, a web video is far more eye-catching, memorable, and impacting. You can get your message across easier and more than any other available medium. This instills a tremendous sense of confidence and shows viewers you’re creative and dynamic. It’s also more cost-effective and efficient – it would take pages of text to do what video can accomplish in seconds!

People Retain More and Learn Faster With Video
There’s a reason why companies spends billions of dollars on television advertisement – visual media simply works better than any other. Name any successful commercial company that hasn’t relied on video at some point or another. You can capture this same profitable approach to draw in visitors and deliver a vital message.

New Technology Gives New Opportunity
A range of new innovation, such as Flash technology found across PCs and Macs, means that 98% of all the people online will have effortless access to your high-quality videos. The new Flash browser plug-in is free and installs in seconds after a few clicks. New options such as video embedding allow you to put your video wherever it needs to go. Whatever your exact needs or intentions, new technology expands your opportunity.

Needless to say, you’ll need a video production company that can optimize the potential of videos. BeanoVision has years of experience working with small and large clients locally and nationwide, including Nikki Beach, the Warren Henry Auto Group, GE, Hertz, and Trump International, to name just a few. We’ve helped these and other companies thrive thanks to our expert understanding of both the technical and business-side of videos.

We guaranteed every video production will grant a massive return on investment. We utilize the cutting-edge technology and the most innovative techniques in order to create a product that exceeds industry standards. BeanoVision is dedicated to producing the highest-quality video on the market.

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