Recognizing the website’s increasing prominence in business marketing, BONOMOTION is jumping on the YouTube bandwagon. The launching of their YouTube Channel is beneficial to not only the company, but also to their clientele. Obvious perks of a YouTube Channel include, at no cost to the subscriber, clear demonstration of products and expertise, showcasing of company’s brand and personality, increasing visibility in search engines, and building up their community.

For BONOMOTION clientele, their YouTube Channel provides an entertaining source of information, solutions, and footage of events that they may have missed. Additionally, because YouTube allows users to embed video content directly onto their site without actually increasing its bandwidth, visitors to the site can view these videos without delayed download speeds.

YouTube proves that video content is powerful. Businesses are provided with, essentially, a 24/7 salesperson accessible to anyone in the world. BONOMOTION has long-since determined the effectiveness of viral media, a large part of their services centered around it for the benefit of their clients. Types of corporate web videos displaying an elevated level of popularity include Video Success Stories, Video Case Studies, Pedestrian Interviews/Market Research, Product Presentations/Video Brochures, Product Demonstrations and Reviews, Corporate Overviews, Trade Shows and Events, Facilities Tours, Training and support videos, and Commercials and Infomercials.

Since its foundation, BONOMOTION has demonstrated a passion for production of which no other company can rival. Their signature is providing their clients with creative, succesful, and tailor-made motion videos through a thorough, all-encompassing process including the latest methods, equipment, and skills available to any existing video professionals.

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Their channel found at utilizes the new YouTube One design for a more organized and streamlined experience.