Digital marketing continues to soar as one of the best and most effective forms of marketing today. And one of the most effective forms of digital marketing is video marketing. This strategy has a very good ability to capture the attention of your target market and get your message across. Videos are also a good way to create hype around your company and make your name go viral.

However, creating videos is not an easy task. A lot of brainstorming and effort is invested in the process. So, before achieving that goal, you have to find a corporate video production company that you can trust.

Regardless of your project’s scope, you need to find a company that exceeds your expectations and delivers top-notch results consistently. By doing so, you can stick to one corporate video production agency for all your needs and avoid having to jump from one company to another for every project.

The experts in our team understand the difficulty that comes along with hiring a video production company.

Hence, they’ve rounded up the most important factors to look for before your business hires a corporate video production company:

1. Look To Your Own Team First for Corporate Video Production

Each company has its respective corporate video production marketing preferences and styles. Before hiring one of the many corporate video production companies out there, a good starting point would be to look to your own team first. Check through your own team’s marketing style, strategy, and guidelines. Print copies of those guidelines, if you have to. By doing so, you have the means to compare the style of each of the video production companies you’ll come across with your desired output.

Starting with this step is very important because this helps you find the best match for your company. No matter how strong the portfolio and credentials of a certain corporate video production company are if their style and strengths don’t match what your business needs, this mismatch may still lead to unsatisfying results.

As you go through this step, be sure you’re able to thoroughly flush out these aspects:

·   Style/Branding: This refers to the video and image style you want your company to represent. For instance, a law firm or tech company will have a different approach and aesthetic from that of apparel and kids’ toy brands.

·    Marketing Strategy: There are so many marketing strategies that are proven effective. But, the ultimate decision-maker would be the types of videos your company needs. With this, you can also decide on the marketing strategies that’ll lead to meeting your intended goals for your company.

2. Budget And Pricing of Corporate Video Production

Whether you’re an established company with strong financial standing or a startup still on the rocks, it’s equally important for you to consider the budget and the pricing of a corporate video. Don’t be swayed into immediately hiring the very first corporate video production company you’ll find. If you search thoroughly, you may be able to come across a team with better rates.

When it comes to hiring a corporate video production company, the price doesn’t necessarily equate to the quality of service or expertise. It falls on you to weigh the price offered in relation to the corporate video company’s reputation, portfolio, and standing in general.

3. Corporate Video Production Portfolio

A reputable corporate video production agency will have a professional portfolio to boast. Before hiring an agency for your corporate videos, you should take the time to thoroughly review the agency’s portfolio. This includes the background, history, and some video samples. As much as possible, ask for their latest video content as well.

As you go through each agency’s portfolio, you must look for the following:

·    Detailed video content

·    The message of the video is easy to follow and understand

·    Video tone and aesthetics represent the company’s brand accurately

·    Creative and original corporate video production process

4. Genuine Customer Testimonials

Browsing through the company’s portfolio should also entail reviewing customer testimonials. Don’t rush through this step as any company can easily fabricate testimonials and feedback for their advantage. But if you’re really thorough with your selection process, you can easily tell a genuine customer review when you see one.

Typically, the best way to go about this process is to match the client list of the video production agency with the customer testimonials you’re reading. Look for in-depth testimonials that went into detail about how the production company was able to deliver the intended results. Don’t settle for customer testimonials that are short and vague, like ‘Yes, they did a great job.’

Here’s a bonus tip. If you happen to know any of the clients on the list, you may want to give them a call too. That way, you’ll have first-hand information on whether or not the video production agency really lives up to its claims and promises.

5. Corporate Videos Referrals

If you already have a good network of other businesses around you, use those networks to your advantage by asking them who helped them produce their top-notch corporate videos. The great thing about taking this route is you’re certain that these first-hand connections won’t recommend any agency to you with whom they’ve had an unpleasant working experience.

It’s also through talking with those referrals that you can come across detailed insights on how it’s like working with a certain corporate video production agency you may be looking to hire. Before meeting personally with a certain agency, you’ve already given yourself enough backup research and information about those agencies. With that, you aren’t starting point blank with no insights at all about that agency.

6. Professionalism

Aside from the quality of their work, it’s also important to be particular about the production company’s professionalism level. No matter how good a certain agency is, if they don’t exhibit professionalism and character, then you’re only going to have a hard time dealing with them. The worst problem you may encounter? That the video production agency you’ll hire can’t even deliver on the set deadline.

Video marketing is very popular and in-demand nowadays, so it’s not surprising that video agencies are very busy and may be juggling multiple clients and meeting simultaneous deadlines at once.

So it’s a good idea to be transparent about how firm you are about your projects. It’s important to ask how long it is for the production team to come up with a single effective corporate video project, given your specifications. Most reputable companies are more than happy to work around their usual schedule to meet your demands without sacrificing quality and results. If not, a professional production company can always communicate and negotiate a more feasible timeline for you.

7. Clear Expectations

Apart from the specifications, you need in your video, make it a point to set clear expectations. Lay your cards on the table, just so both expectations, responsibilities, and obligations from each party are ironed out.

This is the reason why you have to be selective about a company that doesn’t rush your meetings. They should be more than willing to give you enough time and attention so everything about the project and the contract is clear.

Don’t forget also to ask the video production company about what role you’re expected to play. It’s wrong to immediately assume that the company will do everything for you without contribution from your end. As the client, the video production company can only harness its potential when it has clear inputs and instructions from your company. The production team might also need assistance when it comes to the branding and vision of the company.

8. Above Average Standards

 To make it above the competition, shoot for the stars. That is, of course, unless you also want to have average outcomes. Because you’re paying for their service, they have to do so much better than videos that look like they’ve all just been taken straight out of an iPhone or a free video maker tool.

How can you determine that a specific video production company goes beyond above-average standards? When you talk to the video production agency, they should appear confident about their ability to deliver.

Aside from that, see to it that they’re updated with the latest industry standards and are equipped with premium tools on video marketing.

9. Responsiveness

Once you’ve shortlisted a few agencies, take note of which one of them is the most responsive. Communication lines have to be open to avoid delays and even misunderstandings. The contacts you reach out to should also be responsive enough and eager to learn about each video project that needs to be done.

By this, it means that whenever you call for any concern, the video production agency is fast and responsive. No time is wasted with calls and messages left unanswered and unread for many hours to a day or more.


With the list of important considerations above, you can now find a video production team that can match your needs and professionalism. It may seem like a lot to consider, but it can save you the horrors and pitfalls in the middle of a very crucial video marketing campaign. Compelling and effective videos can do so much for your company and brand’s success, so be thorough and choose a video production company wisely.

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