A high-quality video of your boat or yacht will impress your target audience and keep prospects engaged, no matter if you’re in the charter, sea touring, or another type of business. Luxury yacht videos can benefit you in many ways. But perhaps the most important benefit is that they push leads to book with you faster.


Unfortunately, finding a reliable boat and yacht video production company can be tricky. To make the process easier, we’ve designed this five-point checklist. Follow it, and you’ll surely choose a company that will perfectly capture your vessel.


Yacht Pictures from the side


1. Check Expertise And Video Equipment


Filming on the sea requires more expertise and higher-quality equipment than shooting, for example, a wedding video on land. The sea is rocky and unstable, which makes filming more difficult. Your yacht video production company will need to have first-rate video cameras to maintain quality.


Add to that that the Sun may be scorching on the day of your shoot, and you won’t have any shade. To avoid problems, ensure that your video crew knows how to shoot in harsh lighting conditions and that they have the necessary equipment.


Also, don’t forget that boats and yachts need to be shot from different perspectives, or the footage might end up uninteresting. So, the crew needs to have their own boat or an aerial drone to capture your sea vessel from all angles and film a captivating video.


2. Consider The Pricing


You surely want a video of exceptional quality. Indeed, in a world where millions of videos are published every minute, only the outstanding ones command high viewership. But it’s almost a given that you’ll have to invest more to get a first-rate video. That’s not to say that you won’t be able to afford video services on a budget, but just that you need to remain realistic.


Most people get one thing wrong—they set a budget before looking up the cost of average photography or video production. Later, they realize that most services are more expensive than they thought. They end up settling for the cheapest production, only to never use the produced photography or video.


Video production on land costs from $1,000 to $5,000 per finished minute. That’s a rough estimate, but it should give you an idea of what to expect. Keep in mind that boat and yacht video production will probably be more expensive due to the above reasons.


3. Read Testimonials


Most companies with happy clients will have their testimonials displayed on their websites. In other words, no testimonials whatsoever could be considered a red flag. If a business has testimonials, look for evidence that they have experience shooting boats and yachts, or at least that they’re knowledgeable about the marine industry.


Check what previous clients say about:


  • the way the crew treated them during the shoot
  • the quality of their yacht or boat videos and photos
  • how long it took the company to deliver the videos and photos
  • whether the crew used sophisticated equipment (e.g., an aerial drone)


You can request that a business gives you their clients’ contact details so that you can verify their claims. If they’re honest and straightforward, they won’t mind sharing these details. But if they refuse without providing a proper explanation, that should be the second red flag.


Ocean Club Yacht pictures and videos


4. Assess The Company’s Portfolio


Aside from testimonials, you will want to go through a business’s previous videos and evaluate their level of expertise. If you find their yacht walkthroughs shoddily done according to your own standards, there’s no guarantee that yours will be any different.


In other words, if you don’t like how they showcase other people’s boats and yachts, it’s best to shelve and discard the idea of working with them. But if you find their past jobs impressive, go ahead and pursue the deal further.


5. Look Into The Organizational Culture


Make a point of hiring a yacht video production company that resonates with you. Remember: you’ll spend a lot of time with the video crew while out in the sea, so state-of-the-art equipment shouldn’t be your only criterion.


You want to hire a crew you like. Also, they need to show passion for helping you in your marketing efforts and be open to feedback in case you want them to do something in a different way. Reviewing a company’s brand story and value proposition or setting up a face-to-face meeting can help you assess whether you want to work with them.


Superyacht Charter Photoshoot


Do Your Research Before Choosing A Video Production Company


The five-point list above is an excellent starting point for choosing the best boat and yacht video production company. If you diligently check all your prospective service providers, you’re bound to find one that’s suitable for you and produce phenomenal videos that resonate with your target audience. That’ll allow you to gain and retain more customers in hardly any time at all, as well as establish your brand.


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