An enchantingly produced corporate video will showcase your brand, products, and services in the best light. Investing in corporate video production is necessary because it can affect how your brand reaches more customers and stakeholders. Well-presented video content can establish the best brand and product impression. A carefully planned and executed corporate video can help the business. 

The need for an experienced and proven and tested corporate video production arm is not something a business should discount. A reputable video production company can make or break your brand. Some companies feel bad investing in the production of professional videos and animation because they don’t see the benefits yet. The videos in this post will surely change your mind.

After all the planning and production, what makes a great corporate video?

Here, we look at the best corporate videos over the years. We will also take a quick look at their video production process and post-production to understand the message better. Lessons and insights are your most significant takeaways from these videos.


We often associate plates, mugs, bowls, and other porcelain and ceramic materials with transparent colors and brittle quality. However, Dibbern’s corporate video highlighting the manufacturing process of their china products is a creative take on an entirely different level. It’s a short clip that runs for three minutes aptly titled ‘Traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary design.’

Though brief, it never failed to give an overview of the characteristics of the products they offer. It also allows the viewers to experience how to make these products. The innovative videography highlights the unique features of the fine bone china, with emphasis on its aesthetic simplicity blending with contemporary design. This video is not only awe-inspiring. It’s also award-winning as it was chosen as the Grand Prix winner of the 10th Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards last 2019.

A high-quality video like this can significantly improve the corporate brand. This justifies the money spent on its production. The quality of the content, along with the style and message, would distinguish the work of a professional team from a newbie.


Corporate videography demands effort and time. And Spotify understood this very well. You can see the effort of the corporate videographer in this piece. They surely went through a laborious process of brainstorming, executing, and editing just to get the right message. This is not something you can leave in the hands of a novice business video production team.

Playing music while running seems like every health and music enthusiast’s routine. Yet, incorporating such a concept into a popular streaming service is an idea that was not fully utilized by other platforms. This 30-second video by Spotify, highlighting its running feature, effectively uses motion graphics and music. These were all captured in a short yet captivating video.  

The mixture of bold on-screen text, high-tempo music, and clips of people running while listening to music is a great fit. With this enigmatic yet straightforward concept, Spotify could carefully execute its running feature. This feature is the platform’s newest hallmark. Here, you’ll see the user simply goes on running while Spotify automatically picks the song to match the runner’s pace and personal taste.

This is an example of a corporate video production project that was carefully thought of. It also shows the intricacies of video production. The way they came up with the filming strategy before they shoot was exemplary.


This is another example of a corporate video production that was thoroughly done. Video production companies behind this piece should be proud of the outcome.

To remain competitive in the industry, companies look for angles that would make them stand out compared to their industry rivals.  A sustainable strategy is one effective strategy that appeals to most clients and consumers. Recent trends show that purchasers expect transparency and accountability from businesses. As such, various companies and organizations are applying the said strategy.

In the case of Schur, they utilized 3D visualization, sleek animation, commanding voiceover, and calm piano background music to push its advocacy for sustainability. This corporate video showcased their eco-friendly bag solutions, which consist of recyclable or degradable material, and their innovative packaging machines and systems. Schur succeeded in pushing its product’s edge through this innovative take. This is one video project worth every viewer’s time and attention.


Businesses in the service industry often introduce their company by showing their everyday routine. However, service businesses can cleverly explain their business model by utilizing symbolism in their corporate video. They surely know how to leverage digital animation with this video content.

Take Landstar, a global logistics firm, for example. Their explainer video demonstrated their unique network of agents and capacity providers. They also showed the details on how their freight solutions move goods and products worldwide via air, land, and sea. By watching the video, you could appreciate how much effort was put by the director into the creation, production, and editing processes. To create something as informative and captivating as this is pure talent. On top of that, it doesn’t look like they went over their budget.

In making their corporate video, the producers relayed the company’s story through a 3D-model landscape, with a revolving disc that shows the changing landscapes depicting everyday haulage activities. The creative team and professionals behind this animation video surely understood what the target market is looking for.

The creative full video is attention-grabbing for some subtle reminders about transportation and tapping the viewers’ subconscious. The video lets the viewers understand the company’s value and commitment to the transportation industry. Playful visual narratives like this can drive your business’ growth.

Universal Robots

In the age of modern technology and innovation, it is challenging to find an angle where businesses and brands could stand out. For example, the robot business is not all that new to any industry. Yet, many companies and professional businesses see it as a unique opportunity to purchase and utilize robots to streamline their everyday operation. 

The company released a short film to make customers feel at ease with their products. By emphasizing their tried-and-tested processes and excellent support staff and community, they were able to sway the target market to believe their message. It’s a compelling presentation of how their robots work. With great voiceover and music choice, it is a great approach to show its commitment to productivity, adaptability, and reliability.

This is an example of corporate video production done right. Aside from bringing the focus on the brand and product, the company emphasized the value of what the company can offer. This helped create a demand. Other businesses in the industry should learn from Universal Robot’s video production scheme.


Another commendable corporate video production project is that of Airbnb. The video production company behind this video knows how to connect to people, most especially Airbnb’s target markets. That’s the best video production takeaway from this clip.

Changing the viewer’s outlook is a clever way to introduce fresh concepts. The lodging industry thrives because of people’s patronage of hotels and motels. However, there is a dynamic and remarkable change in the said industry when the idea of a homestay was introduced. This is where homeowners can host guests to their properties in exchange for rental fees.  

In their Living a Richer Life corporate video production, Airbnb turns the spotlight onto the hosts who open their homes to travelers. This corporate video is a reasonable attempt to add a human element. By emphasizing the motivations for becoming hosts, Airbnb could captivate their market’s attention. They want people to know their brand by heart; that’s why they showed how travelers navigate their homestays and planned destinations and how these opportunities impact hosts’ lives.

By creating a human interest story, Airbnb diverts the usual marketing video campaigns focusing on brand awareness. This video production features the authenticity and importance of human connection, allowing the viewers to meet intuitively.


Videos that feature comedy often use over-the-top stories and exaggerated narratives. Sometimes, a convoluted depiction does not always result in a powerful message; a simple attempt at humor is effective and efficient.

Weebly and Bluehost understood the importance of simple humor, and they used it to their advantage to promote their corporate brand. Their high-quality video demonstrates that building a website does not require web developers to work hundreds of hours on laptops or computers while crunching all the numbers and algorithms. Parents can bond with their kids with less time at work and more time at home. 

The video simply shows the brand’s sleek and easy-to-navigate interface through its drag-and-drop feature. This quick corporate video illustrates the company’s value on the workspace, worker benefits, and camaraderie within the organization.

If you were to make videos and content for your brand, learn from Weebly.

Feldhaus Tiles

Some corporate videos only show the experiences of the top management. They often deliberately leave behind rank and file employees and people who contributed to their success. But not  Feldhaus Klinker. With this corporate video, they showed why they’re the global leader in the bricks business.

In their corporate video, employees of Feldhaus Klinker get to show their work routine, and viewers get a hint of these people’s impact on the business. Viewers also get to understand things as simple as tiles made by workers who are deeply dedicated to their craft and highly regard their profession. 

With movie-like content, effects, and details, this corporate video imparts a message of quality, tradition, and high-tech production of pristine tiles. By creating the video in pure black and white, the company successfully echoed this message – we are human, we are high-tech, and we are craftsmen.

Thai Life Insurance

corporate video that touches the heart

A corporate video that touches the heart is the best way to connect with viewers and touch their emotions. Titled ‘Unsung Hero,’ this corporate video by Thai Life Insurance is an excellent example of advertising (sad advertising). In this short clip, the viewer can feel  Thai Life Insurance’s effort to offer its customers hope, social responsibility, and kindness. 

The video is made like a short film rather than going the usual way of standard commercials. This piece is pleasant and inspiring to watch, justifying why it still has a very high view count until now. Productions like this can change the way people look at insurance. The quality of the story and how well it touched people’s hearts made it a standout. You would truly understand the importance of working with a reputable corporate video company with this output.

Thai Life Insurance’s main goal behind this corporate video is to show how its products are customer-oriented. They showed that they care for their customer’s growth. They also wanted to convey that they consider everyone part of a larger family.

Why You Need an Expert Corporate Video Production Team

Businesses should seriously consider investing in their corporate videos. Not only will it increase their bottom line, but it can also help them build, develop, and nurture their relationships with their target markets. It can also improve the trust and confidence of their stakeholders in the brand. This simple shift in your marketing strategy can grow your business by leaps and bounds. 

However, you can’t just trust any corporate video production team to work with you. You need a reliable one who can help you make the most out of your efforts and resources.

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