Making your brand stand out in the fast-paced, highly-competitive industry of fashion is never easy. The fashion industry accounts for a significant share of the world’s economic output, and the amount of media and advertising traffic online alone can be daunting and intimidating. Whether you’re an aspiring designer, model, or small business owner, fashion videos are an efficient way to share and promote your brand.

Fashion blogging and viral videos have become a major outlet for spreading trends and fashion tips as more and more people are referring to the online community for their fashion needs. Drawing from the online popularity and taking it a step further, BONOMOTION will work with you to create an appealing and professional video guaranteed to increase awareness of your brand significantly. BONOMOTION is equipped with the latest video production technology currently being used in the fashion industry itself, along with vast experience in Fashion Video Production and creativity to ensure the highest quality service to our clients.

Short from meeting potential clients or customers, videos are the best way to introduce and represent your brand in a personable way. You are able to express what your brand stands for and to build a relationship with your audience in an entertaining manner. Even just short clips help bring your brand to life and to give customers a better view of the products than a 2-dimensional image can offer.

Professional video production generates a higher rate of exposure and is proven to be the most powerful and effective communication medium today. A testament to the popularity and effectiveness of video production, major designer brands such as Dolce&Gannana, Burberry and Louis Vuitton are using the video-sharing site YouTube to promote their brands, raise interest, and drive sales. BONOMOTION’s capabilities extend to creating videos for YouTube and other online social media platforms.