Internet marketing has become one of the most efficient and powerful tools businesses resort to nowadays, not only because it is more cost-effective, but also because this way they can reach out larger number of potential and existing customers at the same time. With all the social networks out there today, it gets even easier to promote the products and services companies provide. Lately, one of the most used online social networks for advertising videos is Instagram, so those who are really interested in knowing the golden rules of Instagram video production and how they can create killer videos should definitely read the rest of the article below.

Turn the 15-second videos into stories

Showing your customers something that is happening in real time in your company is interesting and cool, but it gets even better if you try to set the video within the context and turn it into a story. This way you increase the viewer’s curiosity and interest.

It’s ok to show your personality

It was already mentioned that Instagram is a social platform, which means that it is dedicated to socialization and connecting with other people. You should keep this aspect in mind, since even as a brand, the platform can help you build human connection with the followers. Most people on this social network are attracted to the things they like the most, to creativity and to uniqueness, rather than to professionalism, so do not be afraid to show the “personality” of your company within that video.

Make sure you capture clear audio

It is a video, after all, which means that the most important aspects that matter here are image and audio quality. It is important that you capture the clearest audio and image you can, since people will be listening and watching to that Instagram video via their smartphones. In case you plan to record the video in a noisy environment, do not forget to use a microphone in order to increase the audio quality.

The camera should stay still as much as possible

You are acquainted with those Instagram videos done very quickly and shaky and you probably agree to the fact that they are quite annoying, since it is really difficult to actually understand something from them. You would not want your followers to face the same issue when they watch your videos, so make sure you hold the camera as still and steady as possible. Place the phone against a steady surface and in case you must hold it, you can try the “exhale and stand still” technique. If you have to move whilst holding the phone and filming, make sure you do smooth and slow moves, so that the quality of the video is not affected in any way.

Get to know Instagram

You should know that Instagram puts at its users’ disposal a wide selection of filters, editing tools and special effects that can make a video more interesting and bring a different touch to it, so you should definitely take advantage of them. Spend some time on the platform and learn the tools it has to offer.