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There is no denying that video material is a compelling asset when attracting the interest of viewers, investors, and stakeholders. Coupled with social media’s power, you take the business to the next level. Animated explainer videos are viral. They can increase the conversion rates of a business website by up to 144%.

Animated videos offer more creativity and work well during live event streaming. They are fun and engaging, connecting with the curious child within us all. For this reason, hiring the best video production company like Bonomotion should be your priority. We are your best ally with long years of experience, expert production teams, and in-depth knowledge of the industry.

How to leverage the power of Your Animated video?

There is no single practical approach in marketing that can catapult your business to success. You need creativity, strategies, social media, tools, and powerful materials to make an impact. Working with an animated video production company that delivers custom explainer videos, educational videos, and other video styles will help you boost your brand messaging.

Create a Plan

  • Goal – It can be for brand awareness, promotional campaigns, or marketing ads.
  • Intended audience – It is your target clients and investors. Your animated explainer video should attract the interest of your audience.
  • The core brand message is the primary message you want to convey using video animation.
  • Budget – It is the money you can afford to hire an explainer video company and paid promotional campaigns.

Customize the Video Material to your Target Audience

Whether it is for live streaming, social event, promotional campaign, or product launch, an animated video is engaging. Animation allows you to create characters, boost the products or services, and design the story elements.

By telling what you have in mind to the creative team of the animated video production of your choice, they can make the script relatable to your target audience. The final product must be something that your audience can identify with and offer a good value proposition

Craft a Relevant Brand Message

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Your brand represents your business or organization’s mission, vision, and goals. A relevant message enhances your online and offline reputation. It is essential to crafting the elements of all your marketing materials around this message. This helps your audience and customers to see the uniqueness and relevance to the market.

Animation is an excellent way to boost your brand. It allows you to include all the necessary features to differentiate your brand from competitors, such as logo, typeface, color palette, and other distinguishing factors.

Make it as Authentic as Possible

While it is animated, explainer video companies can effectively showcase the authenticity and uniqueness of your brand. Expert animated video production uses beautiful visuals that work with the narration.

This makes the video material more dynamic as it delivers the right message to your viewers. An animation-style video is more immersive when it offers quality graphics, visuals, and sound design.

Enhance your Animation with Striking Sound Design

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The narrator’s voice is a vital element, along with sound effects. They must be in tune with the visual aesthetics and the script. You need to partner with a credible and trusted animated video company.

Not all providers of animation video services are equal. Ask referral or research the best explainer video production companies near you. They have well-trained and experienced teams that include sound producers and voice talents. You don’t want an output that sounds plain and generic. The narrator’s voice is vital in delivering a cohesive and authentic message.

Have a Compelling Script

An animation script should have a powerful introduction that sparks the viewers’ interest. It can be a question or a statement that makes them curious to find the rest of the content.

Your animated video should not exceed the 2-minute mark. Long animation bores people. You can start your script for an explainer video by focusing on your audience’s pain points. Then, show the answers to resolve the problems in the following scenes. An expert animated video production agency will create the script and storyboard for your approval.

Use Animation Software

If you hire an animated video production company to make animation material for you, you have nothing to worry about. It has all the essential equipment and software options to produce a customized material.

The right software and tools produce professional and quality output. It also reduces the entire process period and makes it easy to do future revisions or updates on the material.

Choose the Right Platform to Promote your Animated Video

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Once you have the final video material in your hands, it’s time to share it with your audience. If you are doing a live streaming event, you can use this material to pique the viewers’ interest before you begin.

Playing it several times within the event will also maximize its power to influence the audience. Don’t forget to create an enticing preview image or an on-screen text that makes them curious.

Leverage the power of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other channels to promote your business brand using this animated video. Publishing the animation in organic social media helps you attract customers.

You can also opt for paid ads that target your desired audience demographics or work with marketing agencies. Email marketing is another way to share your animated video material so send it to people on your list. Publish it on your website.

Track the Performance of your Marketing Efforts

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Promoting any promotional material requires dedication and patience. It is essential to track the performance of your animated video to know if it is doing its purpose. Your primary objectives are to create brand awareness and convert the interest of your audience, turning them into customers.

Choose platforms with proper analytics to help you track the performance of your videos and the types of reactions (likes, dislikes, comments) it gets. Find out the volume of clicks and conversion rates for your paid ads.

It is also crucial to monitor your email performance to know if your customers open your email and click the video you send. Gauging the performance will prompt you to review why there is a massive or poor conversion. If people are not clicking your video, you can try another strategy like using a different subject line or changing the video thumbnail.

Recreate the Success

Seeing how successful your product launching or marketing campaign becomes when you use an animated video, you will want to do to next explainer video. However, it is essential to give your audience a fresh approach by changing the video content or the video style of the material. Watch out for market trends that can influence the shift of attention of the audience


About 85% of businesses and brands in various industries use video as a marketing tool. Animations are popularly used as animated explainer videos because they are more fun and simplify hard-to-understand and complex concepts. They have all the elements to complete a good output, such as visuals, sound effects, narration, and humor. They are also cheaper to produce.

When used correctly and strategically, animated marketing videos can boost your business’s virtual presence and image. To ensure positive results, hiring a professional explainer video production company is known for its exemplary services and providing customer satisfaction. Bonomotion, the leading video production company in Miami, is a perfect choice!