Just about everything changed with the coronavirus pandemic. The way business is handled changed significantly for many companies due to social distancing, masks, and other precautions taken to help slow the spread of the virus. However, despite the changes, video production is still a great idea for businesses, and it is still possible to use videos in all areas of your business.

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Are Videos Still Being Produced?

Yes. Videos are still being produced, though there are changes to the way production is done due to the pandemic. It’s possible to take advantage of user-generated content, so there’s no need to get together to create a video. It’s possible to film indoors using social distancing and wearing masks to prevent the spread of the virus. It’s also possible to film outdoors, where it’s easier to be socially distant and possible to capture stunning views in the background. We made do things a little bit differently, but we are still producing videos.

Changes Made Due to the Pandemic

The main changes have to do with the need to be proactive in preventing the spread of the virus. If someone has symptoms or has been exposed to the virus, they cannot take part in the production of the video. Otherwise, production can continue, though there may be changes in how it’s done. These changes are intended to allow for safe video production during the pandemic, so you can still market the business online.

Zoom meetings can be held to go over everything needed before video production begins. This way, it’s not necessary to have everyone in the same room for a meeting. Social distancing rules should be followed at all times for the safety of everyone involved, and anyone not being filmed should have a mask on. This helps reduce the chance of the virus spreading during production and helps keep everyone safe.

Why Are Videos Important?

There are many benefits of video production, even though it may be a little different due to the pandemic. Consumers, according to recent studies, prefer learning about products or services through videos. More than half of consumers watch videos every day, and over 78% watch videos every week. Consumers prefer to watch videos online instead of seeing commercials on television, and they will watch a variety of videos to learn more about a business or why they should buy a product.

Videos are a great way to improve search engine optimization, reach out to new customers through social media, and teach current or new customers to boost sales. Videos can help make the website rank higher, which leads to more views. New or current customers can watch videos to learn more about products or find out more about what the business has to offer. Even during a pandemic, video production is vital for businesses looking to expand their reach and increase sales.

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How to Use Videos to Grow Your Business in 2021

Videos can be used in many different ways to reach out to potential customers. It’s a good idea to get creative when thinking about how to use videos so you can create the right videos to boost your business. Live videos are an excellent way to reach customers and connect with them. How-to or product information videos give consumers more information, so they’re likely to purchase something.

Event production videos can showcase what is happening with the business and get more consumers interested in what they have to offer. Even if the event is held online to comply with social distancing guidelines, a video can be created and used. Businesses can also use product review videos, webinars, and other types of videos, depending on what their customers are looking for and what they want to showcase.

Though the pandemic has led to a lot of changes, it hasn’t changed the fact that our miami video production services are beneficial for businesses. Video production can be done safely, with Zoom meetings to discuss the details and measures like social distancing to keep everyone safe during the production. With these changes, we can help you get all of the benefits of videos for your business, despite the pandemic.

If you’re considering a video to help market your business online, our team can help. We offer safe video production during the pandemic and have the tools needed to create the perfect video for your needs. We can create a variety of different videos, and you can then use the videos to effectively market your business, creating more interest, and drawing in more customers.

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